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Wolf Girl

Artist:Eduardo Feito

Part 1
‘Somewhere in eastern Europe’ a wolf cub dies as mother has to move it from hunters while too young, ‘British university lecturer and wife killed in wolf country’ when their car crashes in road and baby ‘protected by her shawl’ survives and is rescued by wolf. Wolf ages and child crawls away and is found by troops on military exercise and taken to home for orphans ‘It’s going to be no easy task, to tame the wolf-girl! Is there really any hope of a decent future for her?’
Misty, Issue 65, Page 3
Part 2
Lona howls at moon when she feels alone and sad which worries her parents (‘I love my parents so much, but sometimes I feel I’m growing further apart from them each day’) then loses temper and attacks male school bullies with growls (‘scared of all these new feelings and emotions boiling up inside me’), goes home and overhears mum talking about her history and thinks her wolf instincts are taking over.
Misty, Issue 66, Page 16
Part 3
Parents reassure Lona (‘It’s just teenage blues. Most kids go through a time of feeling unsettled. It passes!’ and she tries to keep busy but catches herself gnawing chop bone at school lunch and panics. Jinny reassures her but on way home guarddogs at scrapyard bark at her (no sound just shown in posture) and she panics all over again.
Misty, Issue 67, Page 14
Part 4
Lona scares off dogs and almost turns on her friend Jinny, goes to zoo to test her theory and wolves flock to her ‘It’s undeniable, horrible proof that I’m more wolf than girl!’ [Lots of grid layouts in this episode].
Misty, Issue 68, Page 14
Part 5
Lona howls with the wolves and later at home decides ‘they’re prisoners but at least I’m free’ then overhears her parents locking her in, next day at school declines invite to noisy party but relents when she’s teased for being a ‘lone wolf’, goes to the party but too loud and crowded and escapes outside to howl and dig in the earth.
Misty, Issue 69, Page 29
Part 6
Partygoers call cops as howling might be werewolves and they can’t find Lona, cops bring her back in. She decides to immerse herself in friends and to ‘forget all this wolf nonsense’ and she and Jinny join community service scheme to help out but when feeding hens she reverts to instinct and tries to kill one.
Misty, Issue 70, Page 28
Part 7
Lona runs away after attacking the chickens and remembers wolf lessons to swim across water to disguise her scent, panics in town [‘Courtier’ branding? K/Rosta?] hides in lift and then finds rack of fur coats and curls up in one until is discovered.
Misty, Issue 71, Page 29
Part 8
Lona is taken home by her friend, store detective and police, neighbours are talking, parents decide to take her to Aunt’s in Scotland for holiday, scenery makes her feel nostalgic for wolf childhood and she climbs out of train and runs – then worries if she will survive on her own.
Misty, Issue 72, Page 29
Part 9
Lona hides out in cave, gets back to wolf habits e.g. lapping water, but realises she can’t kill (rabbit), next day is misty and feels completely alone, howls and finds wolves in zoo and releases them (‘I hate human locks and bolts!’).
Misty, Issue 73, Page 29
Part 10
Lona releases wolves from zoo and they eventually follow her despite mistrust from leader (‘I –I don’t fit in with them…and I’m out of place at home with my parents. I’m just a misfit!’). They all hide in cave when a family sets up camp outside and Lona realises she must control wolves to prevent them from attacking (‘These have been imprisoned in that wildlife park. They hate humans and all that they stand for!’)
Misty, Issue 74, Page 14
Part 11
Police helicopter warns family away, Lona wins staring contest with Warrior and restates her responsibility to the pack, has memories of childhood and of forest fire, but next day he corners her on clifftop.
Misty, Issue 75, Page 14
Part 12
Lona defeats Warrior with fire but he calls the other wolves out to hunt when she is asleep, she goes after them and is shot by hunters.
Misty, Issue 76, Page 14
Part 13
Lona calls for help after being shot but no one comes ‘The wolves have deserted me. The humans have run off and I’m on my own.’ Goes to cottage and asks for help but lady is afraid and won’t let her in, pack is stalking and Warrior waiting for her to die so he can be leader ‘The wolves have gone – the humans are scared of me. I-I’m completely alone!’ and she faints [nice page layout parallel panels].
Misty, Issue 77, Page 18
Part 14
Warrior and the pack save Lona, then they find a plane crash and a baby.
Misty, Issue 78, Page 18
Part 15
Lona takes in baby despite knowing it isn’t fair (‘I-I’m nothing but a misfit, not knowing where I belong. The baby might grow up feeling the same way.’), very happy for weeks, go rowing and boat starts to leak placing them in danger.
Misty, Issue 79, Page 8
Part 16
Lona and Anna are saved by Warrior but effort is too much and he dies, she tries to leave pack and get them to choose new leader but they follow her, so she decides to put the pack back in the zoo (‘They think I’ve betrayed them, bringing them back here! But it’s better to be a well cared-for prisoner than a hunted victim without a leader.’) and returns Anna to her relatives and herself to humankind (howls coming from zoo as she walks down high street clutching baby with people staring at her).
Misty, Issue 80, Page 8