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Winner Loses All!

Artist:Mario Capaldi

Part 1
Sandy helps out her drunk Dad at stables so he won’t lose his job, hides out in ruins of old inn to escape pity, Mr Dayville offers her a deal – her father restored, a beautiful home, the Worthing cup – in exchange for her soul (he smokes cigar).
Misty, Issue 78, Page 7
Part 2
Sarah realises Dayville is the Devil [splash page of demons before he returns to entrepreneur ‘Puts people off. Not good for business.’], he gives her a free trial and when she gets home her dad is sober and they are given horse Satan (inn sign now blank) and a new house to stay in. She has a dream that night (cover image nightmare) and when she wakes up the horse is back on the inn sign and her dad is drunk again.
Misty, Issue 79, Page 18
Part 3
Sandy makes the deal to save her Dad after Jocasta says she will tell Mrs Hornby he is drunk again (in a ditch) [good page layout], final panel lots of demons.
Misty, Issue 80, Page 18
Part 4
Sandy signs contract in hell (good de luca/Lyta alterities style panel ‘You’re mine… mine… mine…’) and rides Satan into woods, gets chased by hounds on a hunt.
Misty, Issue 81, Page 8
Part 5
Sandy and Satan try to outrun the hounds but fall at a fence, hunters save them, Sandy realises Satan is ‘unnatural’ and notices he is not sweating or bleeding. Jocasta gets her dad to buy stables on condition he fires Sandy’s dad [Good page layout when she falls].
Misty, Issue 82, Page 14
Part 6
Dayville appears to Sandy at night with a demon and then vanishes (invisibility panel) after saying he will thwart deal to buy stables (as already owns Jocasta’s father) and all goes well. Sandy realises she has less than a year as he expects her to win the 1980 Olympics.
Misty, Issue 83, Page 16
Part 7
Sandy argues with Dayville for only giving her a year, and helps her Dad unpack stuff and realises inn sign is missing, then Satan falls as someone in road runs over it (has fallen off truck) and breaks both his front legs – certain he will have to be put down.
Misty, Issue 84, Page 14
Part 8
Sandy runs to get vet and then finds inn sign broken in road, wonders if it is linked, holds it together and Satan stands up, Jocasta sent to find Sandy and discovers her gluing the inn sign and wants to know what is going on.
Misty, Issue 85, Page 3
Part 9
Jocasta does not discover her secret, Sandy makes a worse deal with Dayville that when Satan’s secret is discovered her soul will be his immediately, not realising her dad and the vet secretly sneak him out for x-rays that night after she falls asleep.
Misty, Issue 86, Page 3
Part 10
Sandy interrupts dad and vet and her dad is annoyed as thinks she cares more about winning than his reputation, they proceed to the race but Mr Dayville and demons turn up and scare all the horses [red background for Dayville scenes].
Misty, Issue 87, Page 14
Part 11
Sandy wins the race unfairly as Jocasta’s horse is deliberately spooked by Dayville’s demons, realises it will all be like this ‘I’ve won the Worthing Cup, but I’ve lost all pride, all dignity, all hope…’
Misty, Issue 88, Page 9
Part 12
Sandy wins race and invited to participate in international event, Jocasta tells vet what she saw, Sandy goes riding again but Satan’s legs break and she goes home to discover vet has taken inn sign.
Misty, Issue 89, Page 7
Part 13
Sandy goes to get sign from vet at stables but Jocasta says he has gone looking for her on a horse, she smashes vet’s car window, is chased by Dayville’s demons who take the sign, vet finds Satan.
Misty, Issue 90, Page 7
Part 14
Vet tries to drug Satan, doesn’t work and he gallops off, Dayville returns inn sign to Sandy as his demons should not have interfered, she hides it and resolves to practice hard, vet suspects her and decides to have his friend at race inspect Satan.
Misty, Issue 91, Page 22
Part 15
Sandy goes to race and Dayville pulls same tricks, vet arranges test and ends with her Dad ‘Sandy what have you done?’
Misty, Issue 92, Page 3
Part 16
Sandy’s dad overheard her deal and thinks it is for ambition, goes to get a drink and then realises it was all for him. Jockey urges Sandy that she might win since all the other horses are getting spooked by demons. Vet’s friend does dope test and Sandy panics but Satan provides blood etc, she wonders ‘Have you suddenly become real?’
Misty, Issue 93, Page 3
Part 17
Satan is a real horse, because Sandy’s father made a deal in her place for his soul, and collapses and dies. Sandy is on her own without Dayville’s help but makes a clear round and goes on to win. Renames horse Phoenix and promises ‘Dad gave us both a new life – we must never forget that. We must make him really proud of us. We must win that Olympic Gold!’
Misty, Issue 94, Page 3