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Whistle And I'll Come...

Artist:Mario Capaldi

Part 1
Toni is beaten by her stepdad, so skips school as doesn’t want it reported, goes down to docks with dog Albert and finds him involved in dodgy dealings, but is seen and chased, Albert stops to protect her and is hit by car and dies, kindly man helps bury him and Toni is alone (but ghost Albert appears on grave).
Misty, Issue 43, Page 3
Part 2
Toni sees ghost dog Albert, who barks to warn her, but she is picked up by truant officers and handed into teacher, gives her the slip when she says she wants to come to Toni’s house after school and finds Albert again, who barks to warn her of something.
Misty, Issue 44, Page 28
Part 3
Toni’s teacher reappears and catches her and Toni realises nobody can see Albert except her. Teacher takes Toni home and speaks to her Dad about his violence, he threatens her, and drags Toni off to see his friends, but Albert trips him and Toni escapes.
Misty, Issue 45, Page 28
Part 4
Toni hides in abandoned house but is accosted by other tramps who try and steal from her, but Albert sees them off and takes her to a baker where although she wrestles with her conscience (‘No, Albert! I can’t just take one, that's stealing!’) she is so hungry she does – but baker sees her in mirror.
Misty, Issue 46, Page 28
Part 5
Baker’s wife convinces him to take Toni in, but then they discuss it and decide to call police as worried they will be accessories to crime. Albert wakes her and they get out just in time, she tries to hide on a boat but a real-life dog stops her and growls.
Misty, Issue 47, Page 28
Part 6
Dog’s owner arrives but Albert scares them both off. Toni seeps on a nearby boat but wakes midway down the river and jumps onto a water taxi. Thinks about how unfair things are for her, and then boat stops and she realises she will need a ticket to get off.
Misty, Issue 48, Page 28
Part 7
Toni cons train conductor but helps a man get his wallet back. Final panel shows a news report that her mum has been run over [only reader sees this].
Misty, Issue 49, Page 3
Part 8
Toni refers to 'me stepdad', visits her friend Selina who lives at council flats.
Misty, Issue 50, Page 3
Part 9
Toni’s dad on her trail and Albert visits her mother who is dying in hospital. ‘He ain't no ordinary dog, after all'. Describes the Sinclair family as 'numerous, noisy and cheerful' 'No wonder Selina's so cheerful, living with a magic family like this'.
Misty, Issue 51, Page 3
Part 10
Toni discovers her mum is dead 'If I want to stay out of George Ballard's hands and the council's, I 'ave to find a job!'
Misty, Issue 52, Page 3
Part 11
Toni escapes tutor and helps kid at fair by winning rigged coconut shy with Albert’s help.
Misty, Issue 53, Page 10
Part 12
Toni saves fairground folk from a fire and is invited to go with them.
Misty, Issue 54, Page 28
Part 13
Toni captured by thugs who know her stepdad, Albert helps her escape, she can either report thugs or meet fairground people to move on...
Misty, Issue 55, Page 12
Part 14
Toni decides to go to fair, but Albert makes her stay and report gang, story is in paper and the Hudson family (whose wallet she returned) come and adopt her and take her to the country. Albert leaves as ‘You don’t have to worry about me any more. The Hudsons are the best bunch you could ever meet’.
Misty, Issue 56, Page 28