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When The Mummy Walks


Part 1
Jenny gets a new job at museum with dour Miss Brisson who warns her away from the Egyptian section. One day she finds the mummy's case open and that night investigates a light and finds the mummy alive.
Spellbound, Issue 1, Page 3
Part 2
She follows the mummy and sees Miss Brisson also following her. Nobody believes her and she and Bob the odd job boy investigate and find mud on the mummy's bandages.
Spellbound, Issue 2, Page 3
Part 3
Jenny and Bob decide to keep watch that night and follow the mummy and see it hypnotise a policeman who accosts them - they lose track of the mummy and it steals jewellery from a house.
Spellbound, Issue 3, Page 3
Part 4
Jenny and Bob catch up with the mummy and also see Miss Brisson but then lose it again and return to museum, Jenny sees Miss Brisson commands the mummy back to its tomb in name of Set and Jenny feels her scarab ring tingling, the next day they discover the house was burgled and Jenny researches the mummy and Set but Miss Brisson catches her.
Spellbound, Issue 4, Page 3
Part 5
Miss Brisson decides to get rid of Jenny and Bob who hide in the museum that night, and she commands the mummy to hypnotise them and plants stolen brooches on them, but Jenny's scarab ring protects her and she and Bob put back the stolen items in time.
Spellbound, Issue 5, Page 3
Part 6
Miss Brisson dispatches the mummy to steal the artefacts of her tomb from the man who found them, Jenny follows.
Spellbound, Issue 6, Page 3
Part 7
Burglary reported, Jenny and Bob follow the mummy into a secret passage under a tomb and take a ruby as evidence, Miss Brisson sets the mummy in hunt of them.
Spellbound, Issue 7, Page 3
Part 8
Jenny and Bob go to tell her father, but mummy scares the horse and in the coach crash they lose the ruby while Miss Brisson convinces her father Jenny is fanciful and he refuses to listen to her. They go back to the secret lair to get more evidence but it is a trap.
Spellbound, Issue 8, Page 3
Part 9
Miss Brisson commands the mummy to attack them and she brings down a wall, trapping them in a tunnel where they find all the loot and a secret way out, they go to police and say they have accidentally found all the treasure from the robberies, Miss Brisson vows to get even.
Spellbound, Issue 9, Page 21
Part 10
Miss Brisson uses the mummy to steal the treasures from police station but Jenny convinces the mummy that she is just trying to steal them, the mummy uses her gaze to explode Miss Brisson and the police find the mummy and all the treasure safely and think Miss Brisson has run away.
Spellbound, Issue 10, Page 3