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The Silver Racer-Back

Artist:John Armstrong

Part 1
Swimmer Kerry is poor but beats arrogant rich Ros by envisaging herself as a dolphin (as suggested by her father) and offered a place in the squad for free, second time she does this also sees herself watching in a silver racer-back costume and wins again, then when she gets home receives a parcel in the post.
Misty, Issue 83, Page 3
Part 2
Kerry’s parcel contains a silver swimsuit as in her dream. She wears it and has visions of demons chasing her - breaks county record by over a second. Tells her Dad who thinks it is all psychological, wears it again and feels normal but then urge to scream overtakes her.
Misty, Issue 84, Page 18
Part 3
Kerry racing, has out of body experience as before but includes lab men [divided splash page with angular layout], swims fast again which annoys other girls, takes off costume and overhears Mr Winter (trainer) on phone referring to her as a ‘Guinea pig’ and he tells her to wear it for all sessions from now on.
Misty, Issue 85, Page 7
Part 4
Kerry tricks Mr Winter by wearing two costumes, finds out her brother Tony is coming home Friday and resolves to ask him, gets in trouble at school for being too tired/sleeping as tiring herself out trying to keep up with expectations, comes home to find cops at door talking to her mum.
Misty, Issue 86, Page 18
Part 5
Kerry’s house is burgled but she has costume in her bag, scientists set it to self-destruct but she wakes up and pours water on it, gives it to brother Tony to do tests on, goes to club and Ros has a new silver racer-back swimsuit.
Misty, Issue 87, Page 18
Part 6
Ros beats Kerry in racer-back seeing sharks chasing her, but denies it to Kerry; Kerry still able to use her psychic powers; tricks Mr Winter by turning up in fake silver swimsuit, she and Tony follow him in car after class.
Misty, Issue 88, Page 18
Part 7
Kerry and Tony follow Mr Winter to Rotex Labs, he realises by cannot do anything. Kerry uses her psychic powers to help calm Ros and tries to tell her mum to ease off, then decides to steal the racer-back but Ros sees her in mirror.
Misty, Issue 89, Page 18
Part 8
Kerry caught stealing costume and Mr Winter kicks her off team and makes sure everyone knows, lab men kidnap her and try to take her psychic powers.
Misty, Issue 90, Page 18
Part 9
Kerry used in lab demonstration, considered expendable but saved by Tony who learnt ‘a lot’ from analysis of costume, story ends with new club coach and she and Ros winning dead heat.
Misty, Issue 91, Page 18