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The Shop At Shudder Corner


Part 1
Sheila and Jean help out at Jean's uncle's antique shop, there is a storm and the glass smashes in her torch but she finds a piece to replace it, though realises it has a pentacle scratched in it. She shines her torch on a spider paperweight and the spider grows to massive size and comes alive, it chases them outside and they are nearly caught in a web, but when they sign the torch with a narrow beam onto the spider it shrinks back into its paperweight. Jean's uncle tells them the paperweight was owned by a family of magicians, that night they test the torch on a poster of Stevie Star, but nothing happens, they decide it must be shone on a mysterious object.
Spellbound, Issue 14, Page 8
Part 2
The girls return to the shop and sign the torch on an old walking stick, they are pursued by a ghostly hound and save a young boy from it, on return to present they are told that the hound was trained by his guardian to kill the boy for inheritance.
Spellbound, Issue 15, Page 8
Part 3
The girls shine the torch on a cameo brooch and return to 15thC London where they encounter thieves trying to steal it and get caught up in great fire of London before returning home.
Spellbound, Issue 16, Page 8
Part 4
They use the torch on some horsebrasses and are transported to Victorian times where they get into a coach that goes over a cliff, they escape back home just in time and the uncle tells them that the brasses came from a mysterious crash in which only two of the four people in the coach were ever found and they realise the other two people were them.
Spellbound, Issue 17, Page 8
Part 5
The girls are cleaning the shop and vow no adventures this week but shine the torch on a painting and find themselves on a boat in rough sea, they land and find an unlit beacon and a group of wreckers trying to wreck a ship on the ocean but instead it turns out to be a ghost ship and crashes into the island destroying the clifftop and they return home.
Spellbound, Issue 18, Page 8
Part 6
The girls shine the torch on a bunch of roses and transported back to 18thC where they help a highwayman escape using vase of flowers as a signal - the white rose follows them back to present day.
Spellbound, Issue 19, Page 8
Part 7
Girls shine torch on old chair and transported back in time where they help a girl escape from witchfinder, he captures them but chair imprisons him and they escape.
Spellbound, Issue 20, Page 28
Part 8
Girls given china cottage nightlight holder to deliver, transported back to a cottage that looks just like it and discover they and many other girls are imprisoned by old lady and made to work on garden as she has magic control over plants; they escape by boat and return to their time.
Spellbound, Issue 21, Page 28
Part 9
Spellbound, Issue 32, Page 24
Part 10
Spellbound, Issue 33, Page 12
Part 11
Spellbound, Issue 34, Page 12
Part 12
Spellbound, Issue 35, Page 26
Part 13
Spellbound, Issue 36, Page 12
Part 14
Spellbound, Issue 37, Page 22
Part 15
Spellbound, Issue 38, Page 21
Part 16
Spellbound, Issue 39, Page 22
Part 17
Spellbound, Issue 53, Page 28