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The Sentinels

Artist:Mario Capaldi
Writer:Malcolm Shaw

Part 1
Dramatic start: Jan scares off kids trying to force Julie into a deserted building: one of the Sentinels. Her aunt and uncle forced to kick them out as landlord thinks she is subletting (on Council waiting list!) so family goes to squat in Sentinels and she sees her ‘other father’.
Misty, Issue 1, Page 8
Part 2
Jan sees fire in school but next day fine; her mother encounters Other Jan – reader fooled on p5.
Misty, Issue 2, Page 3
Part 3
Jan’s parents don’t believe her story of doubles and the burnt-down school, she goes to get siblings from upstairs and through double door to flat and sees burnt school again, goes outside and realises people are staring at her, her friend Sally tells her she has to hide as there’s a reward out for her family and Special Security are looking for them when a helicopter appears.
Misty, Issue 3, Page 3
Part 4
Jan and Sally escape from net thrown down from helicopter by going down manhole cover into sewers, Sally tells her that Jan’s dad and Sally’s brother (now dead) were Partisans and they use the sewers like roads, they are attacked by rats but Tiger sacrifices himself to hold them back, run to Sally’s house to hide from ‘Special Security’ her parents decide to inform she is there and Jan finds paper showing the history where Nazis won WW2 and Britain has been occupied before they were born, Sally shows her national flag – a Union Jack with swastika centre.
Misty, Issue 4, Page 3
Part 5
Sally and Jan figure out that people are vanishing into the other world in the Sentinels when soldiers arrive at the house and take both Sally and Jan away, also say they have captured her dad (Jan assumes the dad from this world) wandering around looking lost, while convoy is taking them away sniper blows up car and they run off. Jan and Sally run to the flat with two doors and return to Jan’s world to find her dad is missing.
Misty, Issue 5, Page 22
Part 6
Jan and family go to Council B&B (‘Don’t like this place’ (kids) ‘You’re lucky to get anything.’) leaving Sally behind, Jan sneaks out after mum has fallen asleep and meets Sally back at Sentinels, which is guarded and Sally has overheard they are going to pull building down.
Misty, Issue 6, Page 3
Part 7
Jan and Sally picked up by cops who think they are running away, Sally manages to evade her other self but is punished by parents so she is confused in school next day and asks Jan about it all; Sally-from-Nazi world bumps into real-world version of her brother Terry who is reporter looking for a scoop on the case.
Misty, Issue 7, Page 22
Part 8
Jan muses on her problems in class, Sally runs away from her brother (‘He-he looks exactly like my dead brother… Oh, it’s too much’) and Jan sees her through window and gets out of school by crying (‘What I heel I feel, taking advantage of Ms Robbins’ feelings like that’) Sally is amazed that they can just buy stuff at supermarket (‘We need permits and coupons, all sorts of things’), Jan and Sally come up with plan and tell her mum Sally’s family is taking her on holiday with them and return to the Sentinels, find guards tied up and someone shines bright light at them.
Misty, Issue 8, Page 7
Part 9
They are captured by Partisans and Jan meets her other self ‘Makes my world with all its faults look good’ and Partisans reveal their plan to put all their people on the run into Jan’s world and replace them with their doubles so they get ‘Kidnapped, brought here… and thrown to the wolves, sort of thing’ ‘B-but that’s inhuman! You’re as bad as the Nazis you’re fighting against!’. Back in Jan’s world police find her suitcase abandoned in the building.
Misty, Issue 9, Page 24
Part 10
Protests outside the Sentinels in real world about the missing people, and Jan’s family told Jan and Sally are not on holiday. In parallel world, Other Jan’s dad and Fergus say they will not continue with their plan to feed people into the ‘real’ world, and that they will rescue Jan’s dad by substituting the Other Jan’s dad for him.
Misty, Issue 10, Page 24
Part 11
Jan accompanies doctor on visit to prisoner, along with other Richards – they find him badly beaten.
Misty, Issue 11, Page 24
Part 12
They rescue Jan’s dad and return to their world, along with Tiger (dog) from other family, claim amnesia and offer to move into Sentinel to prove it is safe now. Faint tremor as the other is blown up, and Jan hopes desperately that they are alright.
Misty, Issue 12, Page 24