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The Secret World Of Sally Maxwell

Artist:Brian Delaney

Part 1
Sally and family on holiday, drive past a MoD building, inside it is revealed there is a leak in Lab 9 and their car drives through thick fog which sends them off a cliff. Govt men find them and have them taken to a nearby hospital in secrecy. Sally wakes up and realises she can hear people’s thoughts.
Misty, Issue 48, Page 6
Part 2
Sally finds out her parents are dead and adopted by reluctant aunt and uncle.
Misty, Issue 49, Page 12
Part 3
Sally moves in with aunt and uncle and cousins who don't want her, avoids their tricks [eye image when she reads peoples thoughts].
Misty, Issue 50, Page 12
Part 4
Sally gets bullied at school.
Misty, Issue 51, Page 12
Part 5
Sally makes a friend who gives her alibi when bullies lie about her.
Misty, Issue 52, Page 22
Part 6
Sally collapses under strain of hearing everyone's thoughts.
Misty, Issue 53, Page 22
Part 7
Some girls at school relent and want to be friends with Sally, Ruby vows to find out Sally's secret.
Misty, Issue 54, Page 22
Part 8
Ruby attacks Linda to try and find out about Sally's power but doesnt; Sally tells Linda about her ability.
Misty, Issue 56, Page 12
Part 9
Ruby catches up with Sally's cousins.
Misty, Issue 57, Page 28
Part 10
Sally uses her power and reveals Ruby is scared of spiders. Scientists discover the mice that have inhaled same gas as Sally die.
Misty, Issue 58, Page 12
Part 11
Sally rescues her twin cousin from a fire [impressive splash pages] but then collapses just before doctors come looking for her – revealed all the lab animals died.
Misty, Issue 59, Page 12
Part 12
Sally in hospital, Linda reveals Sally’s power to scientists who lie about what they will do with it, Sally threatens them that she will use their secrets to destroy her if they don’t leave her alone and they agree and leave, she says she only wants to do good with it. ‘I’ve come to terms with it’ ‘I think that’s as normal as I can ever hope to be…but it’ll do!’
Misty, Issue 60, Page 12