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The Secret Of Silver Star


Part 1
Debbie's father Dick Thorpe has high hopes for his horse Star but after sabotage he is injured. John gets the blame and is fired. His girlfriend Chris becomes friendly with his replacement Steve. Debbie's dad won't rehire John despite her pleas. Star needs to be put down and so Ginger fakes this and she and Debbie hide him ina cave in the woods.
Spellbound, Issue 1, Page 10
Part 2
Debbie and Ginger make a plan to exercise and heal Star, Pippa the stabe dog comes to keep her company, Debbie's sister Chris decides to go out with Steve. Debbie and Ginger visit Star but hear someone in the cave.
Spellbound, Issue 2, Page 21
Part 3
Debbie and Ginger discover a mysterious stranger in the cave who gives them some advice about Star, they return late to the stables and her Dad is grumpy, that night Debbie can't sleep and sees the mysterious stranger outside the house.
Spellbound, Issue 3, Page 13
Part 4
Debbie continues to visit and ride Star and sees that the animals trust the stranger, but when she rides Star realises he has lost his nerve and after a stall he gallops off with her on back, towards the stables.
Spellbound, Issue 4, Page 13
Part 5
The stranger stops the horse and saves Debbie, they try Star on some jumps and he starts to improve, another of the stable's horses falls in a race while Debbie is listening on radio, Star is excited by the commentary.
Spellbound, Issue 5, Page 13
Part 6
Mr Thorpe's horses come last again and it looks like he will have to close his stables, Star continues to improve and Debbie realises the stranger reminds her of John in many ways, he points out that Star gets skittish when Steve passes by and maybe Steve caused the accident.
Spellbound, Issue 6, Page 13
Part 7
Steve overhears Debbie and discovers Star and goes there to sabotage him because he caused the first accident, Chris follows him and discovers that the stranger is John, Debbie awakens and fears there is something about to happen to Star.
Spellbound, Issue 7, Page 13
Part 8
Steve tries to burn Star alive and fights with John, but Debbie and Ginger ride Star out of the cave and take Steve to her father where they discover he was bribed by an old rival. Steve is arrested and Debbie's father apologises to John. A week later they enter Star in a race which he wins, and Chris and John get married the following month.
Spellbound, Issue 8, Page 21