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The School Of The Lost...

Artist:Eduardo Feito

Best Of Misty, Issue 1
Part 1
Jenny gets a job at a mysterious boarding school where she discovers she is one of many previous fair-haired skivvies, and is constantly told she is being protected. Doesn’t tell on girls for prank and in bed that evening receives a warning on her window.
Misty, Issue 13, Page 3
Part 2
Jenny is picked on by other girls and then sees them throw a book belonging to one of the others up into ivy on the chapel, climbs it to give it back, and sees someone in hood chanting and placing her photo on the altar.
Misty, Issue 14, Page 3
Part 3
Jenny goes into village to do shopping on school coach but driver is scared by her and villagers also avoid her. He doesn’t pick her back up and throws her a note telling her to stay away, and his bus crashes later that day.
Misty, Issue 15, Page 3
Part 4
Cook Ms Oak burns Jenny’s note and she is invited to help in paperchase, Miss Oak comes out to find her with her bag packed for her and begs her to leave, but Jenny is wearing head’s brooch and she spots her from car.
Misty, Issue 16, Page 22
Part 5
Mrs Oak says they must delay until evening as head is on prowl, that night she tries to help Jenny escape but falls into trenches dug by girls for lighting for the gala
Misty, Issue 17, Page 12
Part 6
Jenny asks to visit home and told no, tries to get a note to Dr to help her, but he is in league with them. Borrows blazer from girl to order men setting up tents around and sneaks out by jumping into truck with their tent.
Misty, Issue 18, Page 19
Part 7
Jenny escapes but train ticket seller is in league with Head and stalls her, train stops at signals for Head’s car and she jumps out, and hitches a ride on motorway with barrister who takes her home and makes her (drugged) cup of tea, and then returns her to school while she sleeps.
Misty, Issue 19, Page 20
Part 8
Jenny kept in sick bay but Antonia brings her fruit and she writes a secret message in lemon juice on her thank you note and Antonia helps her escape, but Darlene finds her while hiding out at a deserved barn.
Misty, Issue 20, Page 16
Part 9
Jenny saves Darlene from fall with straw and runs off with Antonia, whose parents pick them up but then return them to school as devil’s pact for success means she is to be sacrifice at gala day. Darlene slips Jenny a note.
Misty, Issue 21, Page 16
Part 10
Jenny is dragged towards chapel but all the girls appear at windows (having not taken drugged drink) and tell their parents to stop, eventually parents turn on Head and demon appears and chapel catches fire. They cast all their ill-gotten riches (cars etc) into the chapel fire, Head goes in and it collapses and school burns down and Jenny, Antonia and Darlene leave ‘friends for life’.
Misty, Issue 22, Page 7