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The Salamander Girl

Artist:Jordi Franch

Part 1
Gypsy Carlotta finds girl in forest fire, she dances like the flames and villagers fear her (‘I am glad to be different!’) Carlotta dies and Salah burns her caravan and body.
Misty, Issue 5, Page 16
Part 2
[colour, panels run across double page] Man sees Salah standing almost in flames from caravan pyre and wants her for his show, she agrees but his daughter Carmen is jealous (‘Dios! It makes me sick to see father buttering up this freak!’) and they sail away (he has to carry her onto boat as she is scared of the water), set up camp and she starts fire and shows off her dancing, but when they go to bed sees glowing eyes all around in the dark.
Misty, Issue 6, Page 16
Part 3
Salah discovers glowing eyes are salamanders, her friends, one attaches itself to her wrist like a bracelet, meet rest of troop and spotted by a ‘desert Arab’ who takes news to his tribe, practises her act and everyone is mesmerised, Arab is from ‘People of the Black Tents’ and appears to attack her with ‘The ancient dagger of the salamander’.
Misty, Issue 7, Page 16
Part 4
Arab presents Salah with knife, she is ‘Like a kind of sun princess’, her act is a success and Carmen is jealous and throws her salamander on the ground to be crushed by donkey, Salah is angry and curses her to ‘Burn! Burn in flames of torment!’
Misty, Issue 8, Page 18
Part 5
Salah goes into desert to find tribe of black tents using the dagger and finally feels at home in old temple; Carmen and her father agree to sell her to rich American, circus boss finally picks up her trail but when they find her she scares them off ‘She who lives in the temple has great powers’ and becomes a local legend.
Misty, Issue 9, Page 18