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The Prize!


Perri enters essay comp for disabled children and wins, gets people to help her get there, not as nice as she seems when meets runner up Alan (‘I’m glad you won, Perri. At least I can still get about a bit’) versus her (‘Ha, ha! I pulled it off! All that hearts and flowers stuff in my essay … they fell for it hook, line and sinker! / Am I going to have fun spending my prize! That kid I beat wants to wise up. He’s got to learn to use his crutches to get what he wants!’) and then revealed she has pretended when she gets out of chair to pick up apple she was given and is hit by car, landing her in wheelchair ‘Perri, Perri! Oh, why did you cheat? Now you really will need to use gran’s old wheelchair … for the rest of your life!’

Misty Holiday Special, Issue 1979, Page 60