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The Nine Lives Of Nicola

Artist:Jaime Rumeu
Writer:Bill Harrington

Writer Uncomfirmed

Part 1
Temple of Bast is attacked by the Cobra King - Nicola has nightmares about it and her cat ring cracks.
Misty, Issue 53, Page 5
Part 2
Cobra King sends Princess Ravala to get her – has a snake with medusa-type powers.
Misty, Issue 54, Page 3
Part 3
Nicola is the last priestess of Bast, Princess Ravala takes place of her biology teacher who has been turned to stone [pic reveal only] 'Miss Royle lay in the cellar of the school unable to tell anyone of her fate' as image shows her as featureless stone statue.
Misty, Issue 55, Page 3
Part 4
Bast statue in temple is pulled down, Miss Royle statue is discovered at school but think it's just a statue, Nicola is invited to Ravala's house [lots of parallels between stories in Ancient Egypt and present-day UK].
Misty, Issue 56, Page 3
Part 5
Charmian disguised as a cat saves Nicola from opening basket with cobra in that will turn her to stone
Misty, Issue 57, Page 12
Part 6
Miss Royle nearly comes alive as cobra's power wanes.
Misty, Issue 58, Page 22
Part 7
Rats in cellar attack the snake so Nicola and her friend escape, they temporarily forget about Miss Royle statue due to snowstorm, but after snow has melted they return to seller to find the rats turned to stone – and all the biology animals – so snake is still on the loose in school…
Misty, Issue 59, Page 22
Part 8
Snake still on the loose, turns Sammy (the Head’s dog) to stone, Nicola tries to use mirror to kill it with own powers but drops it when confronted by Ravala.
Misty, Issue 60, Page 3
Part 9
Head interrupts saving Nicola from Ravala. Charmian gets cloak of night so can turn into any animal. Cobra King pretends to share power with the Oracle in exchange for her help but plans to trick her.
Misty, Issue 61, Page 3
Part 10
Nicola transforms into a cat and fights snake but loses, but is saved by Charmian as a horse just in time, Serpent King needs help of Oracle of Scarab when he discovers they have escaped again.
Misty, Issue 62, Page 8
Part 11
Beetles invade the school, Charmian saves Nicola and turns Ravala’s snake to stone with its reflection in bucket of water but Ravala steals cloak and turns into giant cobra.
Misty, Issue 63, Page 3
Part 12
Nicola saves Charmian with mongoose and finds out statues all alive again now serpent is dead, Charmian takes her to temple where serpent king doublecrosses the Oracle and is destroyed by beetles, Nicola restores temple to former glory and gains allegiance of Oracle; she is returned home until Bast has need for her again.
Misty, Issue 64, Page 3