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The Loving Cup

Artist:Brian Delaney

Part 1
Italy, Lucy’s mother dies and gives her the cup, she is taken to England to be adopted by father’s relatives who have ‘The biggest hearts in Lamptown’, Lucy gets on well with them and cousin Trish and decides to seal their friendship by drinking from the cup together – Trish drinks and collapses for a nap, Lucy has a feeling she shouldn’t and starts to feel doubt about using the cup.
Misty, Issue 70, Page 7
Part 2
Lucy offers to help in shop, the family find Trisha unconscious but bring her round, uncle insists the cup go in his safe where Lucy sees shop’s takings, that night has odd dream of woman telling her to use the cup and when she comes round finds cash in her dress pocket from wardrobe.
Misty, Issue 71, Page 7
Part 3
Trisha realises the money is from her Dad’s safe but they put it back and she decides to forgive Lucy and try and understand why she might steal. Introduces her to her friends but Lucy is nervous (‘I… I don’t want to be left alone with them!’) and goes to get drinks has vision of ancestor and cup saying she has awakened her by getting Trisha to drink and can have riches [good merged splash page of crazy shaped panels] vows cup will never leave safe.
Misty, Issue 72, Page 7
Part 4
[Strange apparition breaks fourth wall to stare at us] Lucy goes to school with Trish and in needlework project puts on period Italian dress has another vision of herself poisoning a man and starts to laugh maniacally (‘Perish all those who seek to cross me…!’)
Misty, Issue 73, Page 7
Part 5
Lucy has nightmares about it poisoning people, uncle agrees to put cup in the bank, she goes horseriding and nearly falls but saved by relative from her dream who says she must finish her work.
Misty, Issue 74, Page 7
Part 6
Lucy succumbs to the cup’s power when placing it at the bank [possessed blank eyes filled with stars] and flurry of bank notes whirl around her.
Misty, Issue 75, Page 7
Part 7
Uncle helps Lucy let go of cup and she resolves to sell it to help him with money. Bad dreams that night and wakes up to see ‘BORGIA’ scrawled on mirror in blood red.
Misty, Issue 76, Page 7
Part 8
Lucy has lipstick all over hands and realises she must have written on mirror, man called Borgia wants to buy the cup, she has dream she is turned into a statue and put in place of her ancestor.
Misty, Issue 77, Page 29
Part 9
Lucy dreams she is stuck in place of statue then comes back to reality and Trisha prevents her from smashing cup. Take it to sell to the Borgias and explore garden where Lucy finds building like in her dream.
Misty, Issue 78, Page 29
Part 10
Lucy has a number of visions and follows call of ghostly ancestor, walks through a wooden door and ends up trapped in boarded-up old folly [good use of white/black contrast].
Misty, Issue 79, Page 22
Part 11
Lucy is rescued and realises room she is in is all familiar (recognises statue etc). Mr and Mrs Borgia reveal to us that she has been promised to them, they keep the cup for testing and Lucy is briefly happy, then ends with them appearing as her aunt and uncle on mother’s side.
Misty, Issue 80, Page 22
Part 12
Lucy freaks out at the Borgias and they leave, she argues with Trisha (‘But don’t you think it’s all exciting and romantic?’ which both feel bad about, the Borgias perform a ceremony with the cup in their folly ‘As we call your name, we summon the girl who is your reincarnation. […] LUCREZIA BORGIA’.
Misty, Issue 81, Page 28
Part 13
Lucy walking in trance, comes to and is picked up by Borgias. Trisha thinks she has run away and goes after her, interrupts ceremony and smashes the cup which brings down the folly, killing the Borgias and finally freeing Lucy.
Misty, Issue 82, Page 22