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The Haunting Of Laura Lee


Part 1
Laura plays piano at a mysterious house her dad is caretaker for, and a ring appears on her finger, when she plays at home later it is like she is possessed.
Spellbound, Issue 1, Page 21
Part 2
Laura removes the ring from her finger, a figurine of her mother's is mysteriously broken, and the ring reappears on her finger.
Spellbound, Issue 2, Page 7
Part 3
Laura performs in a recital and is offered lessons by a famous teacher, Wanda controls her speech too so she argues with him over her interpretation but he agrees to keep her as a pupil, when she goes home she throws the ring out the window and it crashes down, cutting her face and the ring reappears on her finger.
Spellbound, Issue 3, Page 10
Part 4
Laura returns to school and teachers applaud her gift, she takes a friend with her to piano class to help her with her playing and Wanda is rude to her and the teacher.
Spellbound, Issue 4, Page 10
Part 5
Laura removes the ring but a window slams shut on her father's hand so she puts it back on, she discovers Wanda had an assistant, when she performs in the concert with Ellen helping her she is rude to Ellen and one of the audience recognises her behaviour as Wanda's.
Spellbound, Issue 5, Page 10
Part 6
Laura nearly gives away her secret to audience member but Wanda stops her, she tries to cover up the portrait but a black bird knocks away the cover and also hurts her mother by knocking her down and leaving gas on, Laura's father has enough of her rudeness and locks the piano.
Spellbound, Issue 6, Page 10
Part 7
Laura resolves not to fight Wanda any more and sneaks out to use piano at main house so her father unlocks theirs. She plays in more performances, and in one bewitches the audience to dance wildly.
Spellbound, Issue 7, Page 10
Part 8
Laura has another tantrum and Ellen plays for her teacher who decides he has had enough and will teach her instead. Laura meets an old man in the family house who tells her Wanda had mystic powers as well as musical gifts and then vanishes.
Spellbound, Issue 8, Page 25
Part 9
Laura gets a new performance and has an odd feeling about it, she sees the old man again who tells her Wanda had a bad night there when she let her assistant die in a fire and then he vanishes and she sees him in a photo of the household from 1875, she throws the ring down the well in hope water will protect her from the witch's curse.
Spellbound, Issue 9, Page 10
Part 10
The ring does not reappear but Laura's dad vanishes and she finds he has fallen down the stairs at the hall, she puts the ring back on of her own accord and goes to do the concert, lightning strikes the hall as before but she refuses to leave Ellen to die and the ring melts in the fire, Ellen is saved, Wanda's presence vanishes, and Laura goes back to being the assistant while Ellen plays and only playing piano for fun.
Spellbound, Issue 10, Page 13