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The Haunting Of Hazel Brown

Artist:Jaime Rumeu

Part 1
Disabled Hazel is bullied by her older sister Ruth and keeps finding a strange brown glove everywhere she goes, Ruth throws it in the river but next day it turns up on doorstep.
Misty, Issue 41, Page 3
Part 2
Hazel catches Ruth planting the glove, Ruth says she only did it once, because Hazel is everyone’s favourite. Glove continues to stalk Hazel, walking on its own, and they find name inside of driver that caused her disability. Hazel says her fault for running into the road, and he died – but Ruth thinks to herself that is was actually her fault, for chasing Hazel into road. Throws glove in fire – but gloves come in pairs!
Misty, Issue 42, Page 16