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The Ghost Of Golightly Towers

Artist:Jaime Rumeu

Part 1
Amanda is taken away from her mother who has refused court order to send her to school (wants to home school) and taken to children’s home, hard kids there initiate her by locking her in haunted cellar where she meets ghost of Sir Giles (‘The official spectre in residence of Golightly Towers) who screams because he is scared of her shadow and turns out to be ‘rather nice for a ghost!’ He then starts to cry and she asks him to tell her his story.
Misty, Issue 81, Page 3
Misty Annual, Issue 1986
Part 2
Sir Giles tells his story has been trying to scare people at the Home but no success (‘You know what they said it was last time? The cistern! I ask you!’) – compulsive gambler and lost all money, challenged to a duel by Sir Humbert… Marlene and friends get a sheet and dress as a ghost to scare Amanda but only Sir Giles is scared and runs away into wall (Amanda - ‘Oh, really… you’re impossible!’)
Misty, Issue 82, Page 3
Misty Annual, Issue 1986
Part 3
Amanda tells Marlene and others about ghost but they don’t believe her. She skips lessons and goes to find Sir Giles who tells the rest of his story – he fled duel when he was unseated, and Humbert then hunted him down and killed him, and so he was dishonoured as a and disowned by his family and cursed to haunt the hall until he has scared someone into fleeing just as he did. Amanda promises to help him. [good slanted panels]
Misty, Issue 83, Page 22
Misty Annual, Issue 1986
Part 4
Amanda and Sir Giles put red ink (ghostly blood) on carpet, Marlene and gang jump her as they think she has been sucking up to Head who interrupts, and Amanda discovers that Marlene is a Quincy descendent (foe of Sir Giles).
Misty, Issue 84, Page 9
Misty Annual, Issue 1986
Part 5
Amanda helps Sir Giles and gets him to go and scare Marlene but she has set a trap – bucket of water balanced on door [good panel of Amanda agreeing to help, abstract surround and circular].
Misty, Issue 85, Page 14
Misty Annual, Issue 1986
Part 6
Sir Giles sulks as ‘I was phosphorescent at full power - I might have shortcircuited!’ [visual pun ‘no need to get on your high horse] she goads him into carrying on and he turns gym horse into a real one, but disturbed by head who says she is going to send Amanda away.
Misty, Issue 86, Page 22
Misty Annual, Issue 1986
Part 7
Marlene sets Amanda up smashing windows and she is taken away by psychiatrist (‘See a ghost today and people think you’re mad. All they believe in is machines.’) but Sir Giles appears to rescue this damsel in distress.
Misty, Issue 87, Page 7
Misty Annual, Issue 1986
Part 8
Sir Giles causes car to swerve and crash and psychiatrist is unconscious, Amanda goes with him to games pavilion cottage, he tells her about his true love Ermyngarde who was forced to marry Quincy after his disgrace and poisoned him/killed herself, only to find Sir Giles was not waiting for her in afterlife as trapped on earth.
Misty, Issue 88, Page 22
Misty Annual, Issue 1986
Part 9
Marlene and her spotty minions’ set up a vigilante squad, Amanda’s mother arrives to hunt for her daughter, Amanda and Sir Giles outwit them and Amanda flees the grounds (Sir Giles must stay).
Misty, Issue 89, Page 3
Misty Annual, Issue 1986
Part 10
Giles encourages Amanda to go (from ‘the maleficent Marlene’) but she stays, Marlene and gang scare Sir Giles and he vanishes (nice sequential disappear), she tells her mum she wants to stay and head catches Marlene’s gang, they vow revenge but Sir Giles says he has thought of a scheme to scare her away.
Misty, Issue 90, Page 3
Misty Annual, Issue 1986
Part 11
Sir Giles tries poltergeist activity on Marlene but they just think it is each other, Amanda tells him off and he tells her more about his past hunting, but interrupted by Marlene wanting a fight.
Misty, Issue 91, Page 7
Misty Annual, Issue 1986
Part 12
Marlene and others arrive to beat up Amanda but scared off by face at window, Sir Giles says it wasn’t him and then they meet ghost of De Quincy who says he has a deal for Sir Giles.
Misty, Issue 92, Page 7
Misty Annual, Issue 1986
Part 13
Quincy offers a deal that if they duel Sir Giles can go free, Amanda tries to stop him [poor panel arrangement on this page] but knocks over suit of armour, doctor appears as he is leaving and wants to take her as before then sees the two ghosts fighting.
Misty, Issue 93, Page 7
Misty Annual, Issue 1986
Part 14
Sir Giles and de Quincey battle, and Sir Giles starts a fire but then de Quincey kills him (cheats). School is being evacuated and Lady Ermyngarde appears as he has scared away whole school and he goes off to heaven with her. Amanda goes home with mother and de Quincey left there. [Dramatic duel page using space of page and ending on villain not triumph]
Misty, Issue 94, Page 7
Misty Annual, Issue 1986