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The Dark Secret Of Grimstone Grange


Part 1
Polly arrives from orphanage at Grimstone Grange for her new position and receives an unfriendly welcome, that night she finds a locket and thinks she sees someone outside her window, she overhears talk of the garret room and goes up to wipe the window but sees someone inside and falls into the room.
Spellbound, Issue 9, Page 3
Part 2
Polly falls into the garret room unconscious but a shadowy figure moves her and when she wakes she finds herself at outside the room at the foot of the stairs, Miss Gaunt comes to investigate and Polly hears her talking to someone in the room, later she steals Miss Gaunt's keys and investigates but finds nothing as at the same time someone is searching her room having used a secret panel to get out, Miss Gaunt wakes and realises her keys have gone.
Spellbound, Issue 10, Page 10
Part 3
Polly returns keys and finds her room has been searched, she also finds the secret passageway and discovers a woman in the attic who seems disturbed and speaks about the faces in the locket.
Spellbound, Issue 11, Page 3
Part 4
The Gaunts think Polly has discovered their secret but she tricks them by pretending she has been stealing food, she opens locket and finds picture of a mother and daughter, asks the verger in village and he identifies her as missing daughter of the hall, Louise, after mother died in fire.
Spellbound, Issue 12, Page 3
Part 5
Polly tries to rescue Louise but fails, that nght she tries again but the Gaunts have taken her to the old mill, Polly follows but is cornered by Fang the watchdog.
Spellbound, Issue 13, Page 3
Part 6
Fang leaps but is tethered, the Gaunts return and are about to set him hunting Polly but she smashes their lamp and falls into the river, they think she has drowned but she climbs the waterwheel and finds Louise in the mill, she lies down to rest and the Gaunts return determined to make Louise recover her memory, they block the door but they get an axe to break it in.
Spellbound, Issue 14, Page 3
Part 7
The Gaunts break in and the girls jump into the river, they are carried towards a waterfall and grab a log but still go over, they make a fire and the Gaunts continue to pursue them, they need Louise to tell them something and for Polly to keep quiet.
Spellbound, Issue 15, Page 3
Part 8
The girls escape the Gaunts and Fang, Louise drops the locket and they find a map behind the picture showing where her mother's casket with treasure is hidden.
Spellbound, Issue 16, Page 29
Part 9
They double back to the Grange and find the casket which contains a massive gemstone behind a brick in the secret passageway, but the Gaunts find a handkerchief of theirs and Fang picks up their scent and they come back to the Grange and catch them, Polly throws the lamp at them starting a fire and the girls end up trapped in the passageway.
Spellbound, Issue 17, Page 3
Part 10
Louise remembers a trapdoor she used in the previous fire and they escape into an underground river, they are found and the hall burns down, the Gaunts escape but are delirious and Miss Gaunt threatens them both in front of everyone and they are imprisoned, the gem is sold and Louise starts a new life with Polly as her companion.
Spellbound, Issue 18, Page 28