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The Cult Of The Cat

Artist:Jaime Rumeu
Writer:Bill Harrington

Writer Uncomfirmed

Part 1
Begins Ancient Egypt, Charmian charged with task of finding Nicola, the Chosen One. Cat transfiguration using the space of the page (p5). Diving similar within panel (de luca effect) p6.
Misty, Issue 1, Page 3
Misty Annual, Issue 1984
Part 2
Nicola develops cat habits – wants milk, scares school hamsters, afraid of water in diving competition.
Misty, Issue 2, Page 7
Misty Annual, Issue 1984
Part 3
Nicola can’t dive as scared of water, gets in a fight about it (‘I’ll teach you to call me a scaredy cat!’ ‘You spiteful little cat, look what you’ve done’) and realises reflection is more catlike, green eyes, long nails, asks friends and tries to remove ring but no success, sees Charmian in street and follows her down alley but only finds white cat.
Misty, Issue 3, Page 7
Misty Annual, Issue 1984
Part 4
Nicola’s friends ask why she ran away, cut to Ancient Egypt and high priestess getting impatient, Charmian transforms back into human (three panel sequence, using hood); class trip to British Museum and Nicola sees her ring on finger of statue and is told it is given to priestesses of this cult to help them transform; Charmian appears and reassures Nicola by taking ring off and on but Nicola is scared of her.
Misty, Issue 4, Page 7
Misty Annual, Issue 1984
Part 5
Nicola runs away and finds friends but none of them spot Charmian (turned back into cat), teacher asks her to explain what she has learnt and as Charmian casts a spell she enters a trance and spouts forth about Egypt, cat goddess and acolytes used to control serpents seeing herself there in minds eye being initiated and screams at serpents.
Misty, Issue 5, Page 7
Misty Annual, Issue 1984
Part 6
Nicola is taken home after passing out, in Egypt the cult of Bast think their spell may have failed, her friends come to visit her and she shows them glowing cats eyes (cat-shaped panel) and they throw a party for her, Laura turns up uninvited and brings a cat mask to tease her which reminds Nicola of Egypt again.
Misty, Issue 6, Page 7
Misty Annual, Issue 1984
Part 7
Nicola is in trance at party and sees herself in Egypt, talks to Charmian who tells her not to resist (‘No, no, go away. Keep out of my head. I hate your gods and your cats.’), friends wake her and tell her to rest but she decides to go home, Shep the dog is growling at her, and on way home she realises he is chasing her, springs like a cat onto wire fence but wonders if she will be able to hang on.
Misty, Issue 7, Page 7
Misty Annual, Issue 1984
Part 8
Nicola pulls herself up fence and realises she can balance like a cat on top of it, Charmian appears and encourages her to jump (she lands perfectly) and shows her more visions of Egypt, the ceremony continues but Bast’s eyes flash with anger that is echoed by police cars that arrive and take Nicola away (Charmian changes back into cat).
Misty, Issue 8, Page 3
Misty Annual, Issue 1984
Part 9
Police let Nicola go and Charmian reappears and puts her back into trance with ring; she agrees to be the chosen one; next day goes to zoo with friends and when she sees snakes returns to words from her dream ‘Seek out the serpents… / …and slay them!’
Misty, Issue 9, Page 7
Misty Annual, Issue 1984
Part 10
Nicola jumps into snake pen and is bitten lots of times, taken to hospital intercut with her dream where she has killed serpent, they find no poison in her blood as is a ‘sacred cat of bubastis’ and she tells doctors and friends that she is turning into a cat – blood tests show her blood to be same as a cat’s, and one crashes through screen.
Misty, Issue 10, Page 3
Misty Annual, Issue 1984
Part 11
Nicola escapes from hospital and takes bus to moors, wants to get away from everyone including Charmian who she thinks is turning her into cat. She sees her reflection in water and it is of a cat, and hears dogs sent to find her, when she tries to scream it sounds like a cat.
Misty, Issue 11, Page 3
Misty Annual, Issue 1984
Part 12
Nicola wakes to find her face is fine and starts to climb cliff, then sees Charmian at the bottom with her ring, and loses all her grip, slides back down, and follows Charmian into dream where she is ordained priestess. Police find her asleep in cave and take her home, where she tells her mum cats mean nothing to her now, while knowing she is ‘A very special person, the chosen of Bast’.
Misty, Issue 12, Page 3
Misty Annual, Issue 1984