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The Cats Of Carey Street

Artist:Mario Capaldi

Part 1
Jackie’s gran refuses to move from house on deserted Carey Street, which is scheduled for demolition.
Misty, Issue 30, Page 3
Part 2
Jackie suspicious of developers’ haste; is picked on at school; developers accost her and say they will take her away as unsuitable home; cats overhear and attack them.
Misty, Issue 31, Page 28
Part 3
‘Slum Demons’ gang on street to nick copper/lead, see Jackie and decide to scare her, bang on house, cats about to pounce but then they leave to get on with their stealing, and council man makes them an offer.
Misty, Issue 32, Page 3
Part 4
Slum Demons agree to help the council man by scaring Gran and Jackie; Gran tells Jackie she has money hidden in house to look after her and gang overhear, then cats attack them and drive them off, Jackie sees them running away.
Misty, Issue 33, Page 3
Part 5
Jackie falls asleep at school and dreams cats are helping them, gets home and gang have stolen their money, she chases them and they split up, but cats help her follow one and trap him in house and he returns money to her, and she realises cats are on their side.
Misty, Issue 34, Page 3
Part 6
Jackie tells friend at school about the cats, remembers that the people of street used to take them in and wonders if they are repaying this kindness; is accosted by gang on way home, runs away but trips and falls unconscious in building that is about to be destroyed.
Misty, Issue 35, Page 3
Part 7
Cats get Marian to come and save Jackie in the nick of time, they return to her gran’s house and find a strange woman there with her.
Misty, Issue 36, Page 3
Part 8
Lady is a reporter and wants to write a story about them to get public sympathy, after they have had tea together Gran collapses and Jackie runs for phone box, finally finding an unvandalised one with help from cats, she is taken to hospital and told she will have to stay there and Jackie despairs.
Misty, Issue 37, Page 3
Part 9
Jackie goes home to protect house and finds cats fighting to stall the developers. Reporter’s story is crushed by editor in league with Council men. Jackie goes into her house and they try and trick her out by telling her gran is dead, but cats stop her by scratching and hissing at her.
Misty, Issue 38, Page 3
Part 10
Cats prevent Jackie from leaving house, Marion arrives and thinks she is trapped in there, Gran overhears in hospital that she is going to die and cats arrive to lead her out and take her place in bed so she won’t be missed.
Misty, Issue 39, Page 3
Part 11
Jackie’s gran comes home and cats let her out to meet her, Marion arrives with reporter Miss Rook who says she cannot print story but a TV programme is interested in it, cats leave house and gather under lamppost, turning into people of Carey Street past and then vanishing, Gran is pleased to see them all and says she can die in peace now.
Misty, Issue 40, Page 3