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The Body Snatchers

Artist:Maria Barrera Gesali

Best Of Misty, Issue 4
Part 1
Nancy returns late to school after an illness, man jumps out on her taxi looks like one of her teachers but all well at school though ‘a little bit odd […] a lot of the teachers seem kind of cold and as if they’ve got other things on their minds just now’, told to keep out of derelict manor next door, ends with tramp sneaking into greenhouse to hide and a scream [classic McCloud eg of closure].
Misty, Issue 92, Page 14
Part 2
Tramp dies and scientists(?) seek more people from school; everyone at school is acting unlike themselves, Nancy becomes suspicious and tells head who muses ‘That girl suspects too much. She will have to be dealt with […] She will be the next to join us… She must be!’
Misty, Issue 93, Page 18
Part 3
Nancy realises Annie is missing but staff say she was taken ill in night, head goes to body snatcher and says they must take Nancy (off panel, plant-like fist pounding on table), Nancy is drugged with flowers during cross-country and taken off by head and helpers: ‘The Master awaits you!’
Misty, Issue 94, Page 18
Part 4
Nancy wakes up a prisoner, accuses head of being fake and is told by dr Bracken that they are all his copies and she is only one to notice, testing his serum designed to heal people first on himself and has turned into half plant, then by making other plants – and ‘soon, though, my plans will spread like roots and branches until I rule the whole country…!’ she breaks free and runs off.
Misty, Issue 95, Page 18
Part 5
Nancy flees and chased in corridors, found on camera entering basement, outwits giant ‘man-eating plant’ by moving very slowly and quietly (‘It’s a plant… it can’t see me!’) escapes and hides in plant pod room surrounded by replicas and then gets out – does not notice replica of herself in there too.
Misty, Issue 96, Page 7
Part 6
Nancy returns to school and calls police by climbing up ivy into staffroom, is captured but then escapes with her friend Laura, they go to police but do not realise police are also pod people.
Misty, Issue 97, Page 20
Part 7
Laura and Nancy realise police are plants so jump out of car on way to school, Nancy pushes one into old quarry, they decide to go to Nancy’s family and the police in London, but Dr Bracknell has already figured out this plan.
Misty, Issue 98, Page 18
Part 8
Flowers sent to Nancy’s parents that drug them and they are captured and replaced, taking real parents back to manor house where Nancy and friend are hiding they climb into van headed for London and hide among pod people ‘sightless half people’ ‘cold, clammy bodies’ but when they get there we see phone call from Dr Bracken to parents saying they are going to kill her.
Misty, Issue 99, Page 22
Part 9
Nancy and Laura discover Nancy’s parents have been replaced, and that weedkiller works, she vows to make doctor pay.
Misty, Issue 100, Page 14
Part 10
Nancy rescues her parents, destroys a plant copy of herself, tricks his man-eater into attacking Dr Bracken (he moves) and once he dies no control over plant people, house burns down as police arrive.
Misty, Issue 101, Page 3