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The Black Widow

Artist:Jaime Rumeu
Writer:Bill Harrington

Writer Uncomfirmed

Part 1
Black Widow summons the spiders to her. In science class Sadie drops spider she is given to hold, as scared of them and that night sees meteor shower, goes out to investigate and treads on one in tube, takes to teacher to identify and overnight it grows double in size.
Misty, Issue 20, Page 3
Part 2
[Opening splash page of face glaring out at us in middle of web.] Mysterious woman arrives at school advising against illtreatment of animals and offering five pounds for any spider they can bring her. Freda (arriving late) decides to take spider to sell to her, Sadie catches her and goes with her to lady’s house as can’t get it off her, when they arrive are trapped in giant web.
Misty, Issue 21, Page 3
Part 3
Frieda and Sadie trapped in web at Miss Webb’s house, mechanical spider comes and carries them to her, she threatens them and they hand over spider, she says they will be part of her plan for revenge on chemical testing labs that caused her husband’s death, and hypnotises Sadie when she refuses.
Misty, Issue 22, Page 28
Part 4
Sadie and Freda, now nicknamed Tara and Tula (Tarantula) leave, Sadie remembers nothing, Freda can trigger her with words ‘You Creep’ and she releases spiders in class and returns to house with Freda, Miss Webb shows them electronic map that shows location of all her spiders.
Misty, Issue 23, Page 28
Part 5
Freda and Sadie (Tara ‘n’ Tula) go on mission to attack General Bullivant, pretend to have found his dog and bring a spider in that bites him and paralyses him. Sadie sees this in news in evening and feels uncannily familiar.
Misty, Issue 24, Page 28
Part 6
Sadie has another nightmare, in trouble at school and realises she has been hypnotised, Freda tries to bargain with Black Widow, they realise the paralysing spider is missing and it is with Sadie.
Misty, Issue 25, Page 28
Part 7
Sadie lets spider go, Miss Webb sends them on another mission to get at Professor through his baby, but they are mugged by bullies on way who ask them to empty their pockets.
Misty, Issue 26, Page 3
Part 8
Freda accidentally compels Sadie to ‘jump in the lake you creep’ and they return to Miss Webb’s anger having lost spider. Despatch rider at army base bitten by spider.
Misty, Issue 27, Page 22
Part 9
Special Forces warn police not to go looking for spiders; Miss Webb puts spider in baby’s pram but mother finds it and kills it; Freda hypnotises Sadie into coming back to Miss Webb’s house with her.
Misty, Issue 28, Page 3
Part 10
Freda and Sadie break into Miss Webb’s house and decide she is a fake (nylon web at entrance, using medium), they free her spiders, which start to attack them; Miss Webb comes home and catches them.
Misty, Issue 29, Page 22
Part 11
Miss Webb commands spiders to crawl on them but then stops them with pendant. Police begin to piece together connections. Workmen working on blocked drain find giant spider. Miss Webb says her next target is the Government.
Misty, Issue 30, Page 11
Part 12
Giant spider in sewers eating rats, and special forces told about it grabbing a workman; Miss Webb dispatches Tara n Tula to Downing Street but Freda uses trigger word to change the plan and send Sadie back to Miss Webb’s to smash up everything.
Misty, Issue 31, Page 18
Part 13
Sadie smashes everything and all the spiders escape, they tell the police who take them to London where giant spider is wreaking havoc. Ms Webb vows revenge and police send Sadie and Freda back to face her.
Misty, Issue 32, Page 12
Part 14
Police return girls to Ms Webb and giant spider that has made web between pylons, she orders them to climb up, but in control room spider turns on electricity and she and spider fry, and their necklaces drop off – but when police go looking for it her body has vanished. The End?
Misty, Issue 33, Page 9