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Sing A Song Of Terror


Part 1
Carston Girls' Choir win a competition and go on tour but their teacher is replaced by an evil-looking stranger, Madame Sabbatha, who uses her scarlet star to bewitch them although understudy Sally is only partly under her spell. She teaches them a new song and places a star at the base of new Tunchester Glass Tower and when they sing that night the tower collapses.
Spellbound, Issue 11, Page 12
Part 2
Sally is confused why all the girls love Madame Sabbatha and hate their old teacher Miss Blake who catches them up at Blackpool. Madame Sabbatha sends her to the top of Blackpool Tower and Sally goes after her, dragging her away as it falls down that night when the choir sings.
Spellbound, Issue 12, Page 11
Part 3
Sally is discovered by Madame Sabbatha but convinces her she is under her power, she visits Miss Blake in hospital and explains that Sabbatha is hypnotising the girls somehow, they go on to Anglesey and Sabbatha places a star on the Menai bridge but it is taken by a young boy who appears in their audience that night and when they sing the roof of the concert hall starts to fall. Later that night Sally follows Sabbatha but is grabbed by a shadowy figure.
Spellbound, Issue 13, Page 21
Part 4
It turns out to be Miss Blake they both follow her and see her throw something into a litter bin on the bridge, later the choir sing and Sally has a realisation, she and Miss Blake dash to the bridge in time to see it collapse and Sally explains the truth to Miss Blake. The police come to speak to Sabbatha but she hypnotises them and tells them Miss Blake is the suspect.
Spellbound, Issue 14, Page 22
Part 5
Sally warns Miss Blake and they break onto the SS Great Britain to hunt for the star but don't find it as Sabbatha calls the police having overheard their plan, and the ship collapses as the choir sings that night.
Spellbound, Issue 15, Page 12
Part 6
Sally and Miss Blake are arrested, but then able to escape as Sabbatha hypnotises the guards because she wantes them as scapegoats, they realise that Stonehenge is next but are unable to save it.
Spellbound, Issue 16, Page 12
Part 7
Sally and Miss Blake disguise themselves and follow the choir to Brighton, they see Sabbatha talking with a reporter and decide she has given him a star to destroy the Pavillion, they trick their way in pretending they are with him but when they confront him he rejects their ideas and the Pavillion collapses as the choir begins to sing.
Spellbound, Issue 17, Page 12
Part 8
Sally and Miss Blake are taken to hospital under police escort, they are about to escape down fire escape when Sabbatha disguised as a nurse drugs them and imprisons them under Brighton Pier where they will drown and reveals her plan to take down two more landmarks.
Spellbound, Issue 18, Page 25
Part 9
Sally and Miss Blake escape by waiting for the water to rise, they track Madame Sabbatha but can't stop her placing her star, that night the choir sing and the building falls, but although Sally is in audience she is hypnotised to not remember, the police receive a threat from Sabbatha on the next destination, the Post Office Tower in London.
Spellbound, Issue 19, Page 24
Part 10
Miss Blake's friend hypnotises Sally who remembers how the Scarlet Stars work, the Post Office tower falls, a tape to police from Sabbatha demands children to take away on her spaceship, Miss Blake and Sally go to the police who investigate their story, Sally finds the last two stars in time and throws one onto spaceship and plays the tape and it explodes and choir's hypnosis wears off. END.
Spellbound, Issue 20, Page 22