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Screaming Point

Artist:Jorge Badia Romero

Best Of Misty, Issue 5
Part 1
Lucy is sent away from cruel orphanage to live with her Uncle Seth but when she arrives is only collected by driver/undertaker and no sign of him, locked in for night and made to sleep in a coffin.
Misty, Issue 95, Page 7
Part 2
Lucy sleeps under counter but still has a nightmare she is in a hearse, explores next morning and hears odd noises, her uncle arrives and declares himself a scientist and sends her out to get food for lab animals, when she returns they are leaving and then she hears a strange noise behind one of the doors…
Misty, Issue 96, Page 22
Part 3
Lucy meets Simeon Barrett who is hideous with broken neck and smashes up uncle’s lab to stop him doing cruel experiments she lets animals go because of this and when uncle returns tells him and he says Simeon is a murderer.
Misty, Issue 97, Page 3
Part 4
Lucy is sent out for day and starts to feel suspicious about Simeon after watching puppet show and realising he may have been hung, comes back to find empty coffin and is scared and looks for uncle, sees them through lab window doing some sort of experiment on body [visual only, in distance, we can see as little as her].
Misty, Issue 98, Page 28
Part 5
Lucy interrupts experiment and sees they are bringing dead back to life, but he dies again shortly afterwards need better blood, she jumps from window and they chase out into streets after her.
Misty, Issue 99, Page 3
Part 6
Giant Simeon saves Lucy and tells her that her uncle Seth is a hangman and experimenting to bring people back to life.
Misty, Issue 100, Page 18
Part 7
Lucy is captured by Uncle Seth but a mob led by Simeon saves her – he gets away though and final panel is unreassuring – Kemp’s shadow over a sign ‘hangman wanted’.
Misty, Issue 101, Page 22