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Revenge Of The Black Swan


Part 1
Karen goes to stay with her Aunt Adele but when she arrives she sees a black swan and everyone in village ignores her and she finds house deserted with a note saying her Aunt has gone to help the village from a great evil. That night she dreams of villagers asking a black swan for help and when she wakes it is outside her window.
Spellbound, Issue 11, Page 8
Part 2
Karen helps the swan which is injured, the villagers continue to shun her although milkman gives her some milk to get rid of her when she thinks she sees someone at window of his store.
Spellbound, Issue 12, Page 8
Part 3
Karen finds her house ransacked and pages taken from her aunt's diary, also a fake note from her aunt that advises her to leave; she then finds a real one saying she is being kept prisoner in the shop attic.
Spellbound, Issue 13, Page 9
Part 4
Karen investigates the house but has to return to the street to rescue the swan from some dogs, it flies away and she finds it later at her house but it hisses at her.
Spellbound, Issue 14, Page 26
Part 5
The swan is acting oddly and Karen finds a woman in her room packing her things, she tells he she is her aunt and rushes her onto a train, Karen realises she is a fake from the letter she gives her and the swan stops the train by standing in its tracks.
Spellbound, Issue 15, Page 25
Part 6
Karen sneaks back undetected with help of the swan, she meets an old tramp and overhears the villagers saying they must have a meeting that night to get rid of the evidence.
Spellbound, Issue 16, Page 25
Part 7
She overhears them say they must get rid of her and that they have committed murder before, while the meeting continues she climbs a ladder and finds her aunt but cannot undo the ropes holding her and they are both trapped although the swan is smashing a nearby window.
Spellbound, Issue 17, Page 25
Part 8
The swan causes a distraction and they escape but are pursued, Karen twists her ankle and her aunt goes on without her but is caught and the villagers try to put her in a hole in the ground, one says he wants nothing to do with it and runs off and encounters Karen while the swan distracts the other villagers from finding them.
Spellbound, Issue 18, Page 12
Part 9
The man explains the history to Karen - an American plane called The Black Swan crashed in the marsh some years back and villagers went to help, but when they discovered it was full of gold they got distracted and let the airmen die and have been keeping it a secret ever since. The black swan and other birds attack the villagers, forcing the Haggar family into the pit, and Karen escapes and rescues her aunt, the man gives himself up to the police and they stay in Ludness.
Spellbound, Issue 19, Page 12