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Poison Penny


Part 1
Sandra arrives at new school but discovers Penny has everyone under her thumb.
Spellbound, Issue 16, Page 3
Part 2
Penny puts a curse on another girl who defies her by playing in a tennis match and soon she is told her mother is very ill, Sandra tries to be sympathetic but it is unwanted, Penny tells Sandra she knows she has a gold watch and Sandra wonders how she gets her powers.
Spellbound, Issue 17, Page 29
Part 3
More girls are under Penny's spell, Sandra tries to find out what is going on but only discovers she has a creepy room full of laughing voices, Penny threatens her and Sandra gives her her watch.
Spellbound, Issue 18, Page 3
Part 4
Sandra submits to Penny's wishes but meets another girl who collapses she is so scared, Sandra resolves to tell the head but when she does she is ignored, and then she sees head put money into a vase and decides Penny is controlling her too.
Spellbound, Issue 19, Page 29
Part 5
Sandra tries to buy magic books to fight Penny but shopkeeper Mrs Hallam tells her to look more closely for her tricks, but when she investigates her room the voices begin again even though Penny is not around.
Spellbound, Issue 20, Page 13
Part 6
Sandra goes back into room and discovers that she can hear conversations in the Head's office through fireplace; the girls won't side with her but help her out.
Spellbound, Issue 21, Page 3
Part 7
Sandra decides to turn tables on Penny and pretends she is psychic after hearing phone conversation and meeting her brother, then the police arrive for Penny.
Spellbound, Issue 22, Page 29
Part 8
The girls decide Sandra has powers too and she gets her watch back from Penny and also discovers Penny helps with the post and steams all the letters open. She goes back to bookshop for advice but discovers Penny is Mrs Hallam's niece just in time.
Spellbound, Issue 23, Page 29
Part 9
Sandra sneaks out without being seen, Penny steals the magic book and tries to scare girls with it, Sandra comes up with a plan of a fake letter about her fictitious sister Carol hiding from police to set Penny up who goes to report it.
Spellbound, Issue 24, Page 29
Part 10
Everyone converges on police station as Mrs Hallam goes to report stolen books, Penny is revealed as the thief and confesses to the girls and to her aunt, saying she did it to be somebody as her genius brother gets all the attention, they all agree to tell head but she has vanished.
Spellbound, Issue 25, Page 29
Part 11
Spellbound, Issue 26, Page 29