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Part 1
Paula injured in car accident caused by wasps, finds a new tutor to help her retrain at violin but he secretly wants revenge on her father.
Spellbound, Issue 22, Page 14
Part 2
Paula is brought flowers to help her practice but freaks out at a wasp, they go to see her father in hospital and a wasp flies out of her violin case, terrifying him.
Spellbound, Issue 23, Page 27
Part 3
Paula has a sleepless night after wasps surround her outside moquito net, tutor suggests she make a tape for her father but he doctors it so it sounds like she hates the violin and her father has another relapse.
Spellbound, Issue 24, Page 27
Part 4
Physiotherapist Hilary is assigned to Paula and realises someone has put golden acacia scent on her bed and violin to attract wasps and also tampered with tape, tells Paula.
Spellbound, Issue 25, Page 27
Part 5
Spellbound, Issue 26, Page 27
Part 6
Spellbound, Issue 27, Page 27
Part 7
Spellbound, Issue 28, Page 26
Part 8
Spellbound, Issue 29, Page 27
Part 9
Spellbound, Issue 30, Page 27
Part 10
Spellbound, Issue 31, Page 27