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Paint It Black

Artist:Brian Delaney
Writer:Alan Davidson

Part 1
Maggie’s father finds box of paints and gives to her, she paints amazing picture of a girl while in a trance.
Misty, Issue 1, Page 12
Part 2
[Maggie’s picture similar to cover girl] Maggie believes picture of a real girl, tries to paint another, abstract panel of process, produces picture of house
Misty, Issue 2, Page 12
Part 3
Maggie’s father sells her second painting for fifty pounds and buys her new paints but when she uses them she is rubbish, Mr Laker (who bought painting) appears at their door with peculiar news about the picture
Misty, Issue 3, Page 23
Part 4
Maggie is told that style of painting identical to Maria Thursby, famous Victorian girl artist and whose family owned large derelict house, goes to see buyer’s grandmother who refuses to believe she painted it due to historical detail in picture and points out small face at window, Maggie goes to investigate that room in house
Misty, Issue 4, Page 23
Part 5
Maggie goes and explores house, finds room Maria painted in, but senses sadness and sees bolts on outside of door and runs home, dad nags her to start another painting and looks greedy, ‘If you go on like this I can see I shall have to lock you in.’ (good page layout shattered panels etc when she explores broken down house)
Misty, Issue 5, Page 3
Part 6
Maggie has nightmare locked in by bars, wakes and starts new painting, fear of dad who is getting greedier, goes to library at lunchtime and reads up on Thursbys (lost all their money then rich again Maria’s art and bought lots of it back) and decides to go to see Mr Thursby (local MP) to see the paintings.
Misty, Issue 6, Page 23
Part 7
Maggie and Sue go to see Mr Thursby at Croxton Hall who seems friendly but he excuses himself seeming afraid and then has maid throw them out when they ask about paintings, Maggie sees him watching them from window and resolves to get in and see paintings, she tries to explain to Sue but she doesn’t believe her, when she gets home her Dad locks her in and makes her paint and Maggie realises Maria may be trying to tell her something through the paintings.
Misty, Issue 7, Page 3
Part 8
Maggie’s father forces her to paint more, she does two more paintings (family scenes, only one with Maria in) but doesn’t find out much, pretends to be asleep that evening so he will let her rest and climbs out of window to go and break into Croxton Hall.
Misty, Issue 8, Page 24
Part 9
Maggie breaks into house and finds pictures but portrait of Maria is not girl in her first picture, Mr Thursby sees her as she runs home, where she realises other girl in the family pictures is Maria.
Misty, Issue 9, Page 3
Part 10
Maggie paints another picture revealing the girl to be Amy, children’s nanny, questions why she might be making her paint ‘like Maria’. Thursby sees more of her paintings then comes to school and recognises Maggie.
Misty, Issue 10, Page 7
Part 11
Thursby confronts Maggie and when she tries to explain asks to see her school artwork (which is rubbish), goes home threatening to take her to court, and then is presented with her pictures by local dealer. Maggie goes home and tries to paint more, and Thursby appears again to see her.
Misty, Issue 11, Page 7
Part 12
Maggie tells Mr Thursby her secret about the box of paints, and he watches her paint a picture of Amy and the two children, telling her to stop before she finishes and have a rest from painting and to come visit him tomorrow.
Misty, Issue 12, Page 7
Part 13
Thursby offers Maggie £2000 for all the paints and pictures as says it is evil power (and says to self he will destroy them), she agrees, but is reluctant to hand over picture of Amy.
Misty, Issue 13, Page 28
Part 14
Maggie changes mind and refuses to give up paints and Amy’s picture, paints some more and sees Mr Thursby viewing Amy’s drawings. Her father returns and says he has fantastic news from Mr Thursby.
Misty, Issue 14, Page 7
Part 15
Mr Thursby offers £500 per picture as long as it is not seen by anyone else, Maggie’s father locks he back in, overcome by greed, and she paints ten, he sends them over, Maggie says she has figured out what they mean.
Misty, Issue 15, Page 20
Part 16
Maggie deduces story from paintings – Amy is the nanny and paints and is encouraged by Thursby family, when they lose all their money they sell her paintings and pretend they are done by daughter Maria. Her father sells these ten to Thursby who realises she must be figuring it out, and Maggie says she will continue to paint to find out more.
Misty, Issue 16, Page 28
Part 17
Thursby comes to see Maggie to stop her painting more, she tells him she knows end of story (shown directly in panels) – Maria tries to help Amy escape through window and Thursby tries to stop them and they both fall to their deaths.
Misty, Issue 17, Page 28
Part 18
Maggie confronts Thursby and he burns her paintings and paints so nobody will find out. Descendants of Amy’s arrive asking for money for their daughter’s operation and Maggie says they can have money from the paintings, and Thursby repents and says he will give it to them. Some months later Maggie visits ruined house and tells Amy the girl has recovered, and sees her face smiling at window.
Misty, Issue 18, Page 28