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Nightmare Academy

Artist:Jaime Rumeu

Part 1
[Big splash page start] Sharon goes to boarding school when father gets oil job in UAE, gets train there but nobody to meet her at station, walks to the school but finds it deserted except for angry dogs (‘What horrible creatures…!’) and then meets mysterious teacher.
Misty, Issue 65, Page 28
Part 2
Head (Miss Nocturne) confiscates Sharon’s mirror and she discovers they all sleep by day and have classes at night (dogs called Belial, Baal and Mordred), sees something moving out of window but can’t stay awake in class.
Misty, Issue 66, Page 3
Part 3
Sharon is sent to bed, wakes up at midday and goes looking for food, finds gravestone with headgirl’s name on it, meets caretaker’s daughter Fiona who mysteriously disappears, Sharon hides from head then follows her into old chapel, but only finds bats.
Misty, Issue 67, Page 28
Part 4
Bats fly off and Miss Nocturne appears on roof and catches her, sets her to scrubbing the kitchen with guard dog. Sharon muses ‘She seems perfectly reasonable. Maybe a bit eccentric, but sort of … creepy, too!’ Yvonne brings her cake later and Sharon escapes from room and see Miss Nocturne go off in a carriage.
Misty, Issue 68, Page 3
Part 5
Sharon sees coach drive off, Rowena catches her (cold hands, strong grip) and tells her place may be haunted by vengeful spirits, takes her to forbidden vault to scare her, then to dinner where Yvonne tells her that the staff and prefects don’t eat and sometimes students are ‘sent for’ to join them. Miss Nocturne announces that the following girls have been sent for.
Misty, Issue 69, Page 3
Part 6
Sharon writes a desperate letter to parents but its confiscated and taken to head. She threatens to burn letter from her parents so Sharon tells her suspicions, Miss Nocturne blames it on anaemia and makes her drink a tonic, Sharon feels herself falling and sees Miss Nocturne turn into a bat.
Misty, Issue 70, Page 3
Part 7
Sharon has nightmare of coffin and Miss Nocturne (with fangs) telling her she is undead and Sharon must join them by way of blood, wakes to find herself trapped in dungeon and gets Fiona to take a note to her father to help her escape, but it is Miss Nocturne who returns to let her out.
Misty, Issue 71, Page 3
Part 8
Sharon wonders if she is being too suspicious, but then hears Yvonne has been ‘sent for’ and resolves to find out what happened to her, meets Fiona and learns how to operate portcullis (dangerous!) then bumps into Yvonne (face hidden).
Misty, Issue 72, Page 3
Part 9
Yvonne is ‘Like somebody who has been hypnotised…!’ and with super-strength; Fiona tells Sharon she has become a ‘watcher’ who guards place in daylight. Sharon gives Fiona letter for her dad to post and she and Yvonne (who is watching her) discover antique coach, Miss Nocturne then appears and takes Sharon for a ride in it (‘It’s – it’s so icily cold in here.’)
Misty, Issue 73, Page 3
Part 10
Sharon caught exploring stables taken on breakneck carriage ride by Miss Nocturne, slips and cuts head, Miss Nocturne bathes it in river (‘You must not bleed. Not yet.’) and Sharon realises Miss Nocturne has no reflection (‘She’s a vampire all right’), tries to escape pursued by dogs.
Misty, Issue 74, Page 18
Part 11
Sharon thinks she has found sanctuary at Fiona’s cottage whose owner tells her that school is a nest of vampires led by Miss N, who arrives and revealed that he works her as she killed his wife and has threatened his daughter. Ends with Miss Nocturne fangs about to bite Sharon.
Misty, Issue 75, Page 18
Part 12
Miss N distracted as Fiona poisons her dogs, they escape, find kids at school ‘in suspended animation, hypnotised and drugged!’ Sharon finds Yvonne and Miss N chases them but is crushed by portcullis (Sharon hides her face ‘Horrible. I only wanted to stop her following!’) and then daylight kills her. Schoolkids remember nothing and Sharon is sent back home.
Misty, Issue 76, Page 18