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Artist:John Armstrong
Writer:Pat Mills

Part 1
Rosemary and mother in court for beating her (case dismissed), bullied in school, trick played on her (match in chalk) and sets her hair on fire, double eye circular panel (p26) as she uses powers.
Misty, Issue 1, Page 23
Misty Annual, Issue 1983
Part 2
Norma vows revenge on Rosemary for getting her into trouble (Oath to Love Honour and Obey). Rosemary realises she has power by saving her friend Anne from being hit by lorry.
Misty, Issue 2, Page 28
Misty Annual, Issue 1983
Part 3
Rosemary Black [Carrie White!]’s mum dislikes her new hair, Norma and gang make plans to befriend Rosemary and find out what she likes so they can spoil it [also smoking]. Rosemary practises her power and it gets stronger, her mum sees and tries to beat her but she moves cane from her hands, tells Anne next day and is worried about where it will end and whether power is evil
Misty, Issue 3, Page 28
Misty Annual, Issue 1983
Part 4
Rosemary bends needle to get out of booster injections, nurse notices glowing scar on her forehead, Dawn starts to be friendly towards her but Anne is suspicious and warns her, mother says she cannot go to Dr, Rosemary has nightmare of flames and all her classmates laughing at her, goes to find mother but sees something shocking
Misty, Issue 4, Page 28
Misty Annual, Issue 1983
Part 5
Rosemary finds portrait of her grandmother who looks just like her and with same scar and power, forges mum’s signature on Drs note for tests, Dawn picks her for hockey team but Anne warns her again and Rosemary pulls back, Norma and Dawn meet and decide to get Anne out of the way.
Misty, Issue 5, Page 28
Misty Annual, Issue 1983
Part 6
Rosemary is waiting for Drs apt, Norma and friends plan for Anne to have a hockey accident, boy teases Rosemary and falls off his skateboard [Carrie ref?], Norma takes Anne out at hockey (unconscious) while Rosemary is at Drs, tests are normal until she sees Anne being brought in and ‘alpha waves are going crazy’ as panels and lab shatter.
Misty, Issue 6, Page 28
Misty Annual, Issue 1983
Part 7
Doctor tests Rosemary and tells her it is telekinesis and he wants to do more experiments but Nurse stops him; she tells Anne (‘Guess what I’ve got? Telekinesis! Sounds awful, doesn’t it?’), Dawn and Norma have another meeting (‘Rosemary deserves to be hurt for being so weird’) and continue with plan, taking Anne flowers which convinces her, and walking Rosemary home.
Misty, Issue 7, Page 28
Misty Annual, Issue 1983
Part 8
Rosemary goes back with Dawn to watch TV thinks there is someone following, helps her brother with his toys which have run out of batteries but senses another power moving them (they trip up Dawn), next day Dawn tries to back out as Rosemary ‘gives me the creeps’ but Norma won’t allow it, Mrs Black arrives at the school in long black cape.
Misty, Issue 8, Page 28
Misty Annual, Issue 1983
Part 9
Rosemary’s mum comes to school and tells her story to doctor – her mum had the power, when her dad went away to fight in war and she heard an intruder she used it to kill him with iron but turned out to be her husband and she was taken away by police and Mrs Black put in an orphanage. Explains is only strict to ‘stop the wickedness. To stop something terrible happening again…’ She forbids more tests on Rosemary. Later Rosemary tells Dawn what she really wants is a birthday party and Norma decides to host one for her [gang chanting ‘Shame! Shame!’ – like shower scene in Carrie?] ‘Yeah, I reckon I could be a real fairy godmuvver to ol’ weirdo Rosemary! We could arrange a birthday party for her. A very special birthday party!’
Misty, Issue 9, Page 28
Misty Annual, Issue 1983
Part 10
Dawn and Norma make plans for Rosemary’s party, Rosemary’s mother tells her about her grandmother also having this power and killing her husband, Rosemary starts making herself a dress for the party and then sees her grandmother’s ghost.
Misty, Issue 10, Page 28
Misty Annual, Issue 1983
Part 11
Grandmother revealed as not dead, and that she was one who tried to scare Dawn, warns Rosemary that she will betray her. Norma and friends make horrible cake, Norma’s common mother also comments on it ‘See you, mum. Don’t nick any of me fags on your way out.’ Annie gets out of hospital and Rosemary brings her to party, looking ‘so happy. She’s almost aglow with happiness. She looks as pretty as a picture.’ and Rosemary vows nothing will spoil her night.
Misty, Issue 11, Page 28
Misty Annual, Issue 1983
Part 12
Rosemary arrives at party, they pretend to be nice, then lock Anne in cupboard and give Rosemary mean gifts, horrid cake, spray her with paint, and blindfold her for game – she falls off balcony and then rises back up into the air and tells Norma ‘you’ve had your turn. Now… it’s mine.’ Directly facing reader, given perspective of Norma and friends.
Misty, Issue 12, Page 28
Misty Annual, Issue 1983
Part 13
Rosemary punishes Norma and friends with cake and loud music (sun has got his hat on – record sticks), they run, but Norma sets house on fire smoking, Grandmother reveals she saved Rosemary and firebrigade put out flames. Grandmother dies in hospital and Rosemary’s mother leaves, Rosemary’s powers vanish and she goes to live with Anne.
Misty, Issue 13, Page 7
Misty Annual, Issue 1983