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Midnight Masquerader

Artist:Brian Delaney

Part 1
Governess Sarah sent to Pendleton Manor against wishes of lady of the house, discovers her daughter Lizzie refers to a strange friend Felix and never sees the master of house, Felix appears to Lizzie at night and Sarah hears voices from her bedroom and goes to investigate.
Misty, Issue 37, Page 16
Part 2
Sarah goes into Lizzie’s room but Feliz has hidden, next day she asks her to draw a picture of him and they then go for a punt on the lake and Lizzie tells Sarah Felix got rid of her Dad, then vaults off the boat onto bank and Sarah falls in.
Misty, Issue 38, Page 16
Part 3
Sarah follows Lizzie and sees her putting flowers on unmarked grave which rouses her sympathy so doesn’t tell her mother about her trick. Felix becomes jealous and says she cannot be friends with both of them, and they go to visit ‘him’.
Misty, Issue 39, Page 16
Part 4
Lizzie and Felix visit her father who is secret prisoner in tower, next days she falls asleep in lesson; Sarah takes blame for a smashed vase and gets maid on her side, and allows Lizzie to put flowers on unmarked grave again.
Misty, Issue 40, Page 12
Part 5
Lizzie does not remember who is in grave, husband’s relative come to see him but told he is away on business and will not see ‘that creature’ (his wife) who is very angry with Sarah when she tries to tell her about Felix, Sarah spies on Lizzie that night and sees that Felix is real.
Misty, Issue 41, Page 21
Part 6
Sarah hears Felix’s conversation with Lizzie and that he wants to get rid of her, goes through his secret door and finds clothes, as well as a portrait of grown-up Lizzie; next day Mrs Pendleton says Sarah must go, despite Lizzie’s objections, Sarah takes Lizzie out for day to copse where she has found gravestone of real Mrs Pendleton and shows it to her.
Misty, Issue 42, Page 21
Part 7
Sarah convinces Lizzie that Mrs P must be second wife and that Felix is not magic, and sees Mrs Stubbs and gamekeeper taking food into tower so assumes he is there, when they get back to hall Mrs P wants to know why lessons have not started.
Misty, Issue 43, Page 10
Part 8
Sarah and Lizzie trick Mrs P into thinking Lizzie has headache and housekeeper overhears them talking and kicks Sarah out; she creeps into Lizzie’s room along ledge, later is fired by Mrs P and Felix is displeased with Lizzie, Sarah writes to Marchioness (Lizzie’s aunt) and leaves the next day.
Misty, Issue 44, Page 18
Part 9
Sarah leaves with dismissed maid and gives her letter to take to Elizabeth’s aunt, then sneaks back, she and Elizabeth investigate tunnels and find her father who reveals the Lady is his second wife and not Elizabeth’s mother and he has been imprisoned her by her and her parents (gamekeeper and housekeeper) who are after his money. He is about to explain more when Felix appears.
Misty, Issue 45, Page 18
Part 10
Felix fires a shot, which grazes Elizabeth, and then her father finishes his story – this has happened before and is the reason for Elizabeth’s amnesia about her mother. Felix is Mrs Pendleton is disguise and the servants are caught while trying to escape. That evening the three celebrate and Elizabeth suggests to Sarah ‘Perhaps one day you will be my new mother!’
Misty, Issue 46, Page 19