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Long Way From Home

Artist:Jesus Redondo

Part 1
Anna and Tracey visiting June at her house in country next to ruined castle, they go to explore nearby Harley House despite story from Old Joe that wood attacked him, find a path and enter house find mummified bodies and locked door behind them, then a model house covered by glass dome which they touch - sucked into it?
Misty, Issue 92, Page 18
Part 2
Touching dome produced a ‘blinding light’ and model house restores itself to newness, as does house around them – servants come back alive, girls try to leave but forest stops them, realise they are trapped there and cannot leave. House like ‘some slumbering hibernating animal that we’ve woken or brought to life’.
Misty, Issue 93, Page 28
Part 3
They go back to house for water for Tracey but Butler refuses to serve them and on being pushed away they realise he is a dried up husk; when given water Tracey panics and also becomes a dessicated mummy.
Misty, Issue 94, Page 22
Part 4
Anna figures out house is draining their lifeforce, June also collapses, Anna follows servants and their mistress now restored to life who are carrying June’s body and finds 6 bodies laid out in pentagram for spell to restore the house and mistress to former glory.
Misty, Issue 95, Page 12
Part 5
Anna collapses and is laid in circle, accuses mistress of never really loving the house just the compliments people paid her on it, and house returns them all to life and collapses in on itself, they get out and save other girls and vow to never go back.
Misty, Issue 96, Page 28