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Lonely Lucy


Part 1
Lucy's parents die and she is taken to a cruel orphanage by her mean aunt and uncle who make her ride outside the coach, but a highwayman mugs them and reverses this. She runs away from the orphanage and meets the highwayman again.
Spellbound, Issue 1, Page 28
Part 2
Lucy helps the Highwayman who is injured and heals his horse, she returns to the orphanage to get food and they pretend to care for her in front of inspectors, but then are mean to her again and two girls challenge her to a fight.
Spellbound, Issue 2, Page 29
Part 3
The cat helps Lucy and the girls decide she is definitely a witch and everyone is nicer to her out of fear. She visits Highwayman John and offers him her gold bracelet if he will stay away from crime. When she returns to the orphanage the matron tells her she has found a new place for her.
Spellbound, Issue 3, Page 23
Part 4
Matron takes Lucy to nearby mine where she is to work underground, that night she sneaks out of the new dormitory and stays with Midnight to sleep, but oversleeps and is late for her shift. She is set to sort the coal above ground but is clumsy as she is cold and tired, and when the rich owner's daughter mocks her she answers back and the foreman hits her.
Spellbound, Issue 4, Page 25
Part 5
Lucy is beaten but John sees this and holds up the owners' coach and he frees Lucy.
Spellbound, Issue 5, Page 26
Part 6
Lucy hides out at John's hideout waiting for him to return, she rides Midnight to exercise him, and escapes on him when soldiers come looking for John, she hides out at an abandoned inn and then sees John and other men talking through the window.
Spellbound, Issue 6, Page 26
Part 7
Lucy overhears John and the others' plan of murder and robbery but that John will not do it without Midnight, she resolves to keep him herself but runs out of food and goes to find John, taking some work at a farm on the way and Midnight is stolen by gypsies, she threatens them with her left-handed witchery.
Spellbound, Issue 7, Page 26
Part 8
Lucy outwits the gypsies and eaves with Midnight, she gets lost but Midnight finds the Hall and John, she asks him not to do the robbery but he imprisons her.
Spellbound, Issue 8, Page 10
Part 9
Lucy befriends the hound of the hall and escapes, but falls into a pool of water and cannot climb out, when John discovers her.
Spellbound, Issue 9, Page 25
Part 10
John saves Lucy and returns her to the Hall, the nurse recognises her bangle too, that night she dreams of her mother, and then finds a portrait of her in the Hall and overhears the nurse talking to John who reveals he is her father but abandoned her when her mother died, she tries to run away but falls from the walls and he rescues her again and agrees to give up his life of crime if she will stay with him.
Spellbound, Issue 10, Page 25