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Journey Into Fear...

Artist:Mario Capaldi

Part 1
Janice’s brother Kevin buys scrap car to fix up, but she cuts her hand on it after calling it a heap and it starts lots of arguments in previously happy family, she goes into garage to get screwdriver and finds he has named it ‘Satan’s Wheels’ – says she hates it, and car engine starts as it heads straight for her.
Misty, Issue 14, Page 28
Part 2
Kev rescues Jan from car but is angry and becomes increasingly obsessed and family keep arguing about it. Car squirts acid at his girlfriend Gemma when she tries to distract him from it.
Misty, Issue 15, Page 28
Part 3
Jan throws water on Gemma and washes off the acid but she is blistered, Kev is unhurt and takes her to hospital. Car tricks Jan into getting in and sets off with her dad in pursuit, driving recklessly through town and nearly killing people, finally crashes out on moor and she is unhurt.
Misty, Issue 16, Page 3
Part 4
Janice is charged with dangerous driving, parents come to collect her and they have to drive home in the car.
Misty, Issue 17, Page 3
Part 5
Kev breaks up with Gemma and is angry about possible damage to car, Jan has nightmare about it and parents start to see she is really worried, they argue with Kev who refuses to get rid of car, Jan sees someone trying to steal it but they get electrocuted.
Misty, Issue 18, Page 3
Part 6
Electrocuted car thief runs off and nobody believes Janice, goes to trial and is sent to remand centre, climbs out over wall and car stops to pick her up, but is Satan’s Wheels…
Misty, Issue 19, Page 28
Part 7
Car takes Janice home but Kevin jumps in and doesn’t speak or recognise her, ram raids a shop and steals 30s clothing, and then drives to deserted house here he finds the original car numberplates below the floorboards EVL1.
Misty, Issue 20, Page 12
Part 8
Kev is acting like 1930s gangster then falls and hits head and comes round, in morning they go to see man he bought it from who says same thing happened to his son (now in prison). Jan tries to crash car into river but it veers into barn and burns, Kev wants to go in and get it and she tries to stop him.
Misty, Issue 21, Page 13
Part 9
Kev escapes exploding barn in car, Jen stays with old man but he dies as police get there. She returns to derelict house looking for Kev, and two children playing gangster there tell her it used to be a real hide-out – of The Kid and his sister, show her picture of them with car, and she realises it is reliving its evil/haunted past.
Misty, Issue 22, Page 12
Part 10
Jan goes to museum and finds out more about The Kid, Kev meets her outside with gun he has stolen from museum, she nearly shoots a traffic warden by accident, and they drive off with police chasing them, past their worried and confused parents.
Misty, Issue 23, Page 11
Part 11
Janice tries to turn them in but deaf man in café doesn’t hear her, she shows Kev photo from wallet he has stolen from Dad and he comes round, but car is driving them towards Hangman’s Cove, where the Kid and Ivy met their deaths.
Misty, Issue 24, Page 12
Part 12
Car drives them into cave and they find loot from Kid’s robbery. Escape by climbing up onto cliff top and push rocks down onto it.
Misty, Issue 25, Page 12
Part 13
Kev and Jan get home and tell parents, who hide them from their little brother Mark, Dad calls a medium who sees the backstory of car and the drownings of the Kid and Ivy, tells them it is evil, Mark walks home from friend’s house and car appears behind him on the common.
Misty, Issue 26, Page 12
Part 14
Mark is kidnapped by car, they decide to tell police their story which is backed up by old guy at farm who is recovering in hospital, Kev tricks the car into thinking they are going on a crime spree and takes it to demolition derby where he smashes it up beyond all recognition, but last panel shows a new person looking at it and deciding to fix it up…
Misty, Issue 27, Page 12