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I Don't Want To Be A Witch


Part 1
Celia wants to go to boarding school but her aunt wants her to learn to be a witch and plays tricks to try and get her to come home.
Spellbound, Issue 1, Page 24
Part 2
Celia breaks a window and Armida's cat Lucifer appears and is adopted by the head, Celia tries to summon a dog to scare it away but the spell goes wrong and she releases lots of dogs. Her schoolmate Ruth becomes suspicious.
Spellbound, Issue 2, Page 13
Part 3
Ruth takes the paper with her spell on to a teacher and so Celia casts another spell to vanish it, but it goes wrong and she sends both teacher and paper to the rubbish bins, but rescues them. She discovers an abandoned grotto in the grounds where she can practice her spells, and hears that a new teacher called Vandermast will arrive soon and recognises the name which is an alias of Lucifer, Armida's cat, and so Armida burns her reference book.
Spellbound, Issue 3, Page 29
Part 4
Celia manages to convince everyone the fire was just a magic trick but Ruth discovers the book under her pillow and swears to get at the truth. Celia is asked to be in the play and Ruth volunteers to help her, returning the book to her, but the performance ends in chaos as the mynah bird Celia has bought becomes agitated, shouting 'cats' at Mr Vandermast.
Spellbound, Issue 4, Page 29
Part 5
Vandermast chases mice and later in cat form attacks Merlin the Mynah bird but Celia saves him, she goes to the grotto but Ruth locks her in and tells the head.
Spellbound, Issue 5, Page 29
Part 6
Celia finds a secret passage and returns to the dorm in time, Lucifer tries to reveal the passage but she casts a spell to make it seem that Ruth is miaowing, Celia catss a forgetting spell on Miss Redding but it goes wrong and she forgets everything whcih gives Aunt Armida an idea.
Spellbound, Issue 6, Page 29
Part 7
Celia realises Aunt Armida has taken on Miss Redding's form, she insists on going to the grotto but stops short as she can't cross Celia's spell circle, the mynah bird chases her away but she turns him to stone and Celia discovers this, the grotto is bricked up and the real Miss Redding returns.
Spellbound, Issue 7, Page 29
Part 8
Celia casts a spell to stun Aunt Armida so the two don't meet, the real Miss Redding sees Lucifer turn into a cat and faints, Celia rescues her bird but also turns the statue to life and quickly reverses the spell, but then falls under a spell of Armida's that makes her giggle constantly as she calls for an ambulance to take Miss Redding to hospital, getting her into trouble again as what turns up is a vet's van for 'an old nag'.
Spellbound, Issue 8, Page 29
Part 9
Celia is on her last chance after the horse box, there is a competition to write poem about cats and she realises Vandermast is Lucifer and will switch her poem for one insulting the governors, hopes that Anne will be the one to read it as she is protected by necklace, but it is handed to Ruth.
Spellbound, Issue 9, Page 13
Part 10
There is a gust of wind and Anne swaps the poems and Celia wins first prize, Ruth tries to steal the poem back but they turn the sprinkler on her, Mr Vandermast tries to get Anne's necklace but Celia tips a tray of drinks on him causing him to knock over the tent they are in and Miss Redding decides she must be expelled.
Spellbound, Issue 10, Page 29
Part 11
Celia tells Anne the truth and they trick Armida with a fake necklace and use Ruth to have Vandermast caught trying to steal it and Miss Redding calls the police but Armida arrives in disguise instead.
Spellbound, Issue 11, Page 29
Part 12
Celia convinces Head that Armida is a fake and has her arrested but she escapes from police car, vows revenge and sends circus animals to the school, Celia gets rid of them but next day there is an article in paper about possible witch at the school (courtesy of Ruth) and parents begin removing their children and it looks like the school will have to close.
Spellbound, Issue 12, Page 29
Part 13
Television vans and reporters arrive at the school, Celia and Anne manage to prevent Armida from demonstrating powers and remove Celia's magical equipment from grotto but Armida magics it back into Celia's locker where it is discovered.
Spellbound, Issue 13, Page 29
Part 14
Miss Redding recognises the crystal as her own and calls Ruth to her office, Armida reveals the hidden items in the grotto to Ruth, Celia pleads for Ruth to be forgiven and because of this Ruth decides not to tell about the grotto, the next day they are on a coach trip and Armida takes over and demands Celia return home or everyone will die.
Spellbound, Issue 14, Page 29
Part 15
Celia agrees to Armida's demands but tries to trick her by putting her amulet on the driver, protecting him, but Armida tries to outwit her by planting the coach in a hedge and setting it on fire, Celia responds with rain, and instruments to deafen her aunt's sensitive hearing, they return to school and Celia decides things have become too dangerous and she will confess and leave, but as she does so she sheds a tear and Armida appears saying that she has now lost all her powers and can stay at the school
Spellbound, Issue 15, Page 29