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Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel

Artist:Eduardo Feito
Writer:Pat Mills

Best Of Misty, Issue 3
Part 1
Lisa sees a strange woman watching her, at school she is kind to Fat Rosie even though Rosie doesn’t like her, she is sent to check time and woman still watching her, when Lisa reports on time she acts childlike, and asks woman if she can help her, she says not sure, that night Lisa has nightmare of trapped child.
Misty, Issue 42, Page 3
Part 2
Lisa has nightmare and behaves like a baby next day in school, confronts woman (Mrs Prendergast) who says she will come and talk to her parents following evening, Lisa goes to fair with friends determined to enjoy herself before finding out whatever terrible news it is.
Misty, Issue 43, Page 16
Part 3
[Creepy portrait in title] Lisa wins teddy at fair, goes into haunted house to avoid Rosie and has nightmare she is being chased by strange angry man, escapes and taken for tea by mysterious woman (Mrs Prendergast) who says she had a daughter called Rachel who died, shows her photo and says she will come round following evening.
Misty, Issue 44, Page 3
Part 4
Mrs Prendergast visits Lisa’s family and tells them she believes Lisa is reincarnation of her daughter who died in an accident, Lisa overhears and wonders about her strange dreams and how Rachel died.
Misty, Issue 45, Page 3
Part 5
Mrs Prendergast leaves and Lisa goes to school next day worried, starts acting like a child again and tells her friends all about it, they say they will help her. But Rosie ‘the Incredible Bulk’ uses her confusion to convince her she is Rachel and draw all over the classroom walls as dislikes her and wants to bring her down to her level.
Misty, Issue 46, Page 3
Part 6
Lisa escapes severe punishment for painting on the walls as teacher lets her off, and her friends help her fix the damage, and discover Rosie is partly to blame. Rosie plots further revenge on them and Lisa sees Mrs Prendergast on way home and follows her to graveyard where she finds Rachel’s grave and begs her to ‘set me free’.
Misty, Issue 47, Page 3
Part 7
Mrs Prendergast accosts Lisa and tells her they can travel together and be happy, but she tells her to go away. Lisa’s friends try and talk to her mum about everything but get nowhere ‘If we all forget about it everything will be OK. You’ll see.’ Rosie visits Lisa to borrow some food and tricks her into being Rachel again and takes money from her purse, when Lisa’s friends arrive and try to jerk her out of it, but in the mirror they all see Rachel’s face not Lisa’s.
Misty, Issue 48, Page 2
Part 8
Lisa is told by Mrs Prendergast she is reincarnation of her dead daughter Rachel, sees her in mirror. Fat Rosie at school making bets she will eat leftover slops.
Misty, Issue 49, Page 28
Part 9
Rosie gets revenge in disco, plays song and turns Lisa into Rachel, covers her in makeup, friends find burnt out house.
Misty, Issue 50, Page 28
Part 10
Rosie's trick fails, Lisa goes back to house.
Misty, Issue 51, Page 28
Part 11
Mrs Prendergast persuades Lisa into house and onto windowsill, friends disturb them and Lisa comes to, Mrs Prendergast falls and thus sets Lisa free [breaks fourth wall with direct visual address and explanation] 'It was Mrs Prendergast who brought back all the memories of my previous life... Now she's gone... Poor Rachel can be at peace and I can be free...' [versus final image of silenced Rachel].
Misty, Issue 52, Page 28