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House Of Horror

Artist:Isidre Monés

Best Of Misty, Issue 6
Part 1
Joan and Lizzie in workhouse, Joan dies from overwork and is buried, Lizzie sleeps by grave and wakes up to see body being stolen, follows to house and is scared by shadowy figures, revealed to be waxworks owned by Madame Blaze but she knows there is evil there (‘The gentry flock to see my waxworks of infamous criminal and notorious murderers’).
Misty, Issue 96, Page 3
Part 2
Lizzie is offered a maid’s job or will be taken to police, next day she is cleaning and discovers withered bouquet she put in Joan’s coffin on the floor – rock slips from nearest statue and nearly crushes her head.
Misty, Issue 97, Page 7
Part 3
Lizzie is set to work taking tickets to exhibition with wax head of famous hypnotist guarding/watching her, when she tries to escape that night she is transfixed by his eyes and rushes back to the kitchen in fright.
Misty, Issue 98, Page 3
Part 4
Lizzie runs back to room then investigates drumming sound and some missing waxworks, finds Madame like a waxwork and drum beating itself, knocks over a coffin and escapes into tunnel that leads out onto Thames but is trapped by a boat coming in (bandaged feet shown).
Misty, Issue 99, Page 18
Part 5
Lizzie investigates, falls in underground river and is rescued, realises she was rescued by one of the waxworks and they follow beat of drum.
Misty, Issue 100, Page 3
Part 6
Madame Blaze tells Lizzie about her voodoo and that all her waxworks are zombies, lizzie beats drum which summons them but they are out of control, building burns down and Blaze falls off roof and dies, Lizzie escapes – and maybe so do the zombies ‘There are many dark alleys in London where they can hide, and we’ll never know they’re there…until it’s too late!’
Misty, Issue 101, Page 18