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Hetty In The House Of Secrets


Part 1
Hetty’s mother takes job as governess but Hetty sees ghost of master’s dead wife and is tricked by his kids into putting on her dress and he threatens to fire them.
Spellbound, Issue 22, Page 3
Part 2
Hetty runs away so her boss will keep her mother on, he finds her suffering from exposure and reconsiders his anger, that night she finds the kids tearing up their mother's old stuff to set her up and she gets locked in room but escapes in time.
Spellbound, Issue 23, Page 3
Part 3
Kids lecture Hetty's mother on Queen Anne and that night Hetty sees them learning next lesson with mysterious woman, they set her up as having stolen and ruined a valuable antique book.
Spellbound, Issue 24, Page 3
Part 4
Hetty agrees to see a doctor to confirm she is not hysterical but misses his appointment chasing a runaway horse and saving a man.
Spellbound, Issue 25, Page 3
Part 5
Spellbound, Issue 26, Page 3
Part 6
Spellbound, Issue 27, Page 6
Part 7
Spellbound, Issue 28, Page 21
Part 8
Spellbound, Issue 29, Page 3
Part 9
Spellbound, Issue 30, Page 3
Part 10
Spellbound, Issue 31, Page 4