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Hangman's Alley

Artist:Jesus Redondo

Best Of Misty, Issue 5
Part 1
Mel and Jacey and family move to house above old hangman’s alley which is haunted, Jacey looks out of window and sees ghost with Mel’s face (‘That awful thing with Mel’s face … and I felt the hate coming from it’), wakes next night to find ghost bending over Mel but scares it away as Mel wakes up ‘You must have been dreaming’.
Misty, Issue 86, Page 28
Part 2
Jacey and Mel go to disco, get separated on walk home and Jacey finds her possessed and standing on bridge, investigates alley and spirit tells her story – remembers being sent to gallows protesting her innocence, mum finds Jacey in alley.
Misty, Issue 87, Page 28
Part 3
Jacey skips school to investigate old gaol and agrees she will help ghost, but is picked up by cops, parents unimpressed. She suggests housewarming party but during preparations for this sees ghost and Mel has disappeared – heads out and finds her collapsed in the alley.
Misty, Issue 88, Page 14
Part 4
Mel is OK it’s just a warning (cherryade not blood and writing on wall), Jacey sent to doctors and sees photo in mag of Melinda’s name scratched on wall of old house, when she returns makes ghost tell her whole story, accused of stealing mistress’s pearls and hung. Doctor says she is fine but Mel says she looks terrible.
Misty, Issue 89, Page 22
Part 5
Jacey goes to old house and Mel follows her, they share a joke and laugh and house is set afire (by ghost) while smashing wall to get out Jacey finds box with pearls and confession from girl who stole them – saw Melinda hung, caught smallpox and left in house to die. Reporter uses confession to save house from development and it is turned into a museum and Jacey presented with the pearls as a reward.
Misty, Issue 90, Page 22