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End Of The Line...

Artist:John Richardson
Writer:Malcolm Shaw

Part 1
Ann and her mother go to grand opening of new train tunnel where her father died in a collapse, as train goes into darkness she sees him in rags working with other men, faints and is taken to hospital where they dismiss what she saw.
Misty, Issue 28, Page 28
Part 2
Ann has another nightmare and goes back on Windsor line and sees her father again, being beaten.
Misty, Issue 29, Page 7
Part 3
Ann pulls emergency stop cord and gets in trouble with police and reporters, visits friend of her father’s who tells her there was a previous tunnel there (Prince Albert Line) that collapsed.
Misty, Issue 30, Page 21
Part 4
Reporters go into tunnel and abducted by creepy men; Ann’s mum and boyfriend don’t believe her and send her to therapist, who hypnotises her and when she still tells same story decides she is very disturbed; Ann sees in magazine that Lord Vicary built the Prince Albert line and decides to go to his stately home to look for clues.
Misty, Issue 31, Page 22
Part 5
Mum tries to take Ann to a sanatorium but she jumps out of car and goes to newspaper who confirm reporters’ car found near entrance to tunnel and convince police to let her investigate, goes down into tunnel and mysterious Victorian men hear them coming.
Misty, Issue 32, Page 22
Part 6
Anne follows search party into tunnel and see reporters and her Dad with Victorian men with evil eyes, faints and is found and taken to sanatorium.
Misty, Issue 33, Page 22
Part 7
Ann plays along in sanatorium and is taken out for day by mum and boyfriend, says she wants to go to Vicary Hall, and sees portrait of Lord Sefton (mad scientist owner) who died 100 years ago – eyeless picture, like the man she has seen on underground line.
Misty, Issue 34, Page 12
Part 8
Ann finds out that Lord was a scientist who thought mould had the secret of eternal life, escapes from mum and Neville, sneaks onto coach to London and goes down into tunnels with torch, about to be grabbed by Victorian men.
Misty, Issue 35, Page 12
Part 9
Ann is caught by men but escapes when a guard interrupts and they take him instead, she follows, past skeletons and rats, and then falls while climbing down shaft.
Misty, Issue 36, Page 12
Part 10
Ann falls into a large tank which fills with water and she climbs out. Finds her father in a large underground village full of labourers, but then is caught.
Misty, Issue 37, Page 28
Part 11
Ann confronts Lord Vicary and he admits he tricked his servants into coming underground and has kept them working for him until humanity kills itself off. Police find Ann’s hair slide in tunnel. Lucy, Vicary’s maid, brings Ann food (Ann worries it could be drugged) and says she must come with her.
Misty, Issue 38, Page 20
Part 12
Anne is taken on as a maid with Lucy and they become friends, police up in real world are continuing investigations, Anne convinces Lucy to take her to find her Dad.
Misty, Issue 40, Page 22
Part 13
Lucy and Ann trick watchmen by pretending to be ghosts and rescue her dad and the newspaper men, head for surface where police are boring into ground having found smashed camera and photo of Lord Vicary on the tracks, but they are betrayed by worker who has overheard them and Vicary stops them.
Misty, Issue 41, Page 8
Part 14
Ann and Lucy locked in cage and father put back to work, when police tunnel busts through ceiling and falling rocks kill Lord Vicary. Workers are to be rehabilitated and sent to an island, Ann promises to keep it all a secret, and her father returns home and her mum claims that she wasn’t going to marry Neville anyway. Ann’s final thought ‘And good riddance to creepy Neville Chandler!’
Misty, Issue 42, Page 12