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Don't Look Twice

Artist:Mario Capaldi

Part 1
Sammy dreams of being on an oceanliner with different parents, then dreams start invading her real life.
Misty, Issue 57, Page 3
Part 2
Sammy keeps dreaming of oceanliner wreck.
Misty, Issue 58, Page 3
Part 3
Sammy’s dreams continue she overhears odd comments from her parents (‘It has to be the reason’), tries to stay awake but fails, dreams of being adrift in ocean and lapses into coma ‘it looks like exposure, as if she’d been adrift on a boat in the ocean for weeks’.
Misty, Issue 59, Page 3
Part 4
Sammy nearly dies then wakes up, tells doctor about her dreams and he mentions clairvoyance, and asks for a private word with her parents.
Misty, Issue 60, Page 22
Part 5
Sammy’s doctor suggests a psychiatrist if she has more dreams and she begins to dream of being locked in an asylum (sees chalk bear on hillside) but doesn’t tell her parents.
Misty, Issue 61, Page 22
Part 6
Sammy has marks on her arm from needle in hospital dream, decides to try and track it down while on holiday with parents, ends ‘Wouldn’t it be absolutely awful, mum? To wake up and not know who you really are!’ as her mum looks shocked.
Misty, Issue 62, Page 22
Part 7
Sammy and family go on holiday looking for chalk bear, there is something they aren’t telling her re memory loss in her past.
Misty, Issue 63, Page 22
Part 8
Karen and Sammy find chalk bear and the hall from her dreams and nearly run over by professor.
Misty, Issue 64, Page 22
Part 9
Sammy and Karen encounter professor from her nightmares and run away, Sammy falls and hits head, and sees herself from inside barred window, wakes up and goes home, then sneaks out and breaks into Beraham Hall grounds and finds window – with herself inside.
Misty, Issue 65, Page 22
Part 10
Sammy faints in shock at seeing her double, Karen alerts her parents and brings them along, when Sammy wakes up she is told this is her twin Jane who has been through the shipwreck etc and lost their parents in it and has been treated at the clinic ever since. Sammy’s parents didn’t tell her she was adopted due to irregular process, and doctor agrees to let Jane go with them and regularise both adoptions.
Misty, Issue 66, Page 28