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Day Of The Dragon

Artist:Jaime Rumeu

Best Of Misty, Issue 7
Part 1
Gayle and her cousin Dave in ‘town’ (London?) visit antique shop and she is given ‘magic’ mirror by owner (Dave is suspicious, and Chinese man ‘sinister smile’) when she gets home it projects vision of previous owner on wall, she looks like her.
Misty, Issue 10, Page 16
Part 2
Gayle calls Dave but mirror picture vanishes when he arrives. She has dreams about China, and returns to shop but it is closed. Man named Wang follows her, she argues with Dave as he is not interested in her dreams etc.
Misty, Issue 11, Page 16
Part 3
Gayle watches story of Chen, who sneaks out to meet her betrothed who she loves very much, but on return discovers her father has promised her to another, vicious and arrogant man, so arranges to sneak out of the house that night.
Misty, Issue 12, Page 20
Part 4
Gayle watches more of story (Dave has flat tyre so cannot come see her to make it up) – Chen and Shih-Yu are attacked by bandits, betrayed by her maid and she is returned to father’s house, next day taken to new husband who Gayle recognises as Michael Lee (who gave her the mirror).
Misty, Issue 13, Page 16
Part 5
Shih Yu interrupts ceremony but is killed, Chen takes his sword and hangs herself, Gayle faints from shock, and Dave realises that he is being watched.
Misty, Issue 14, Page 16
Part 6
Dave spends day worrying about Gayle goes round there and confronts Wang who tries to stop him, finds Gayle unconscious and she tells him what she saw, which angers him and he threatens to smash mirror.
Misty, Issue 15, Page 16
Part 7
Dave tells story to his psychiatry professor and then rushes off when they mention Li Huang Lung and yellow dragon as legend linked to elixir of life he realises he has left Gayle along too long but is too late as she is tricked into opening door and kidnapped by Chinese (ninja outfits) and Wang who say they are taking her to her wedding.
Misty, Issue 16, Page 16
Part 8
Dave discovers Gayle has gone, Mr Lee tells her she is reincarnation of Chen, Dave goes to Yellow Dragon but finds it has closed down.
Misty, Issue 17, Page 16
Part 9
Dave finds shop closed and attacks Wang, making him take him to Gayle. Michael Lee tells Gayle she is his soulmate and he has waited for her reincarnation so they can be married, and shows her Chiang’s sword, which has not rusted, showing his love for her is still strong. Dave arrives to save her.
Misty, Issue 18, Page 11
Part 10
Dave beats up guards and takes sword which uses him to slay Lee. They escape and both sword and mirror crumble/smash, releasing souls of Chen and Chiang. Dave goes back to look, and nothing is there except derelict building and concludes it is all hallucination. They decide to forget it all and take a holiday and walk off holding hands (romance?).
Misty, Issue 19, Page 16