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Dangerous Days For The Tiny Taylors


Part 1
Family holiday to remote Scottish island but shrink after being sprinkled with water, reach cottage but can they get in?
Spellbound, Issue 22, Page 20
Part 2
They climb in through a broken window and try to telephone for help but can't be heard, Jane is knocked onto floor by the receiver and they camp out there but a rat is watching them.
Spellbound, Issue 23, Page 24
Part 3
John (father) scares off the mouse and daughter speculates that they have been affected by island that used to be used for experiments. They climb up a broomstick and open tin of beans to eat, go back outside and find their dog Mickey but he runs off with Jane (mother) on his back.
Spellbound, Issue 24, Page 21
Part 4
The family chase after Jane and find the island's old research centre, along with other tiny animals, they suspect it is a leaking cannister, attacked by crab and realise Mickey the dog has shrunk too.
Spellbound, Issue 25, Page 21
Part 5
Spellbound, Issue 26, Page 21
Part 6
Spellbound, Issue 27, Page 21
Part 7
Spellbound, Issue 28, Page 2
Part 8
Spellbound, Issue 29, Page 21
Part 9
Spellbound, Issue 30, Page 21
Part 10
Spellbound, Issue 31, Page 21
Part 11
Spellbound, Issue 32, Page 9
Part 12
Spellbound, Issue 33, Page 3
Part 13
Spellbound, Issue 34, Page 3