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Beware The Mystery Dolls


Part 1
Orphan Vicky goes to stay with Madame Venner in house of waxworks and discovers walking dolls that attack her.
Spellbound, Issue 22, Page 26
Part 2
Venner explains they are clockwork, Franz warns her again to leave, she delivers a doll to the Colonel as asked, but it climbs out of box and kills him and returns home with blood on it.
Spellbound, Issue 23, Page 13
Part 3
Vicky continues to investigate after learning that the Colonel is dead, and overhears Venner saying they will fix her too.
Spellbound, Issue 24, Page 13
Part 4
Vicky sneaks out at night to spy on Venner and Franz, find them animating a doll with wax from the Pharoah's tomb to help with Venner's 'revenge', slips on ivy but Paul is watching and makes Venner believe it was a cat although she remains suspicious and goes to check Vicky's room.
Spellbound, Issue 25, Page 12
Part 5
Spellbound, Issue 26, Page 12
Part 6
Spellbound, Issue 27, Page 12
Part 7
Spellbound, Issue 28, Page 12
Part 8
Spellbound, Issue 29, Page 11
Part 9
Spellbound, Issue 30, Page 8
Part 10
Spellbound, Issue 31, Page 8
Part 11
Spellbound, Issue 32, Page 2