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A Leap Through Time...

Artist:Eduardo Feito

Part 1
Bookworm Elena is in Crete with school, wanders off to ruins after being teased for not being athletic enough, imagines herself in past as a bull dancer and demonstrates gymnastic skills in present as well as holding onto crystal bull charm thrown to her in her vision. They leave island and she feels sad…
Misty, Issue 30, Page 27
Part 2
Elena back in England but still has gymnastic ability but slips when trying out for school team and dreams herself back in Crete with the bulldancers, who she is training.
Misty, Issue 31, Page 3
Part 3
Elena realises she is there to train the bull dancers like her ancestor and has some of her power via pendant, and the process is like vaulting the horse in gym, says they must learn together, but Iris cannot catch her.
Misty, Issue 32, Page 18
Part 4
Elena still in coma and imagining herself in Crete, trains bull dancers and realises lack of confidence held her back and that she misses school, wild bull is brought in and she goes down with them to greet it and show she is not afraid, jumps into its pen and then told it is injured and savage…
Misty, Issue 33, Page 28
Part 5
Girls work as a team to save Elena, they continue to train to work together to confuse bull (and back in real world schoolgirls go to arena competition and miss her), but an earthquake means the king thinks gods are angry and moves the dance forward to next day.
Misty, Issue 34, Page 16
Part 6
Elena and girls escape down tunnel, make it to docks but then recaptured as all sea is far out because the bull god is angry, Elena realises the tide is so far out because another earthquake is coming.
Misty, Issue 35, Page 28
Part 7
Elena and friends enter the arena but they are too scared to help distract the bull, earthquake splits the ground and King sets them free as it seems the will of bull god; then a massive earthquake breaks apart the arena and Elena is hit on head and wakes up back in her own time; pendant is smashed but she still has gymnastic skill, and final panel shows the bull dancers watching her with aid of a mystic and pleased she is happy now in her world.
Misty, Issue 36, Page 27