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Once Per Week

A Cry For Help
A Day In The Life...
A Fear Of The Dark
A Foggy Night In London Town
A Friend In Need... (c)
An Angel Is Never Late
... And I Love You So (Supercats)
Anna Finds A Friend
Another Pair Of Hands...
A Present From The Past (Damian Darke)
Susan visits her long-lost aunt who gives her a casket of jewels to help her with dream of opening a children's home, but when she wakes the house is crumbling and her aunt has vanished and she is told that the house fell down ten years ago, but she still has the jewels.
A Secret Friend
A Spoonful Of Evil...
Aunt B's Spring Fever
Baby Blue-Eyes (Supercats)
Beautiful Dreamer (Supercats)
Behind The Door (a)
Behind The Green Door (Damian Darke)
In Victorian times Grace and her brother sell matches for nothing for their mean boss Joe Sykes, they find a mysterious green door and are given extra money by the kind people inside, but the next day their employer becomes suspicious and follows them and opens the door, whatever he sees scares him and he is run down by a horse, and the children are taken in by the owners of the house.
Between The Bridges (Damian Darke)
Nicky on school trip to London, falls into river and transported into past where she is saved by a boy, Simeon, and accused of being a foreign spy, throws self back into river and wakes up again in own time.
Beware The Mystery Dolls
Birthday Party
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon...
Check Mate (Supercats)
2077 and futuristic chess tournament, the winner vanishes on way home and Supercats investigate, they find he has been kidnapped by nearby planet who hunt him as part of a live chess match and they save him.
Chess Can Be A Deadly Game (Damian Darke)
Melanie staying in country, follows her dog to an old house with clipped chess hedges, sees a battle - did she imagine it?
Dance Of Death (b)
Danger! Child At Play (Supercats)
Dangerous Days For The Tiny Taylors
Dark Days At Torloch Towers
Day Of The Ballerina
Day Of Vengeance (Damian Darke)
Hannah is a grumpy washerwoman and Margot her only friend, Hannah gets visions of future but refuses to profit by them which angers the villagers, they beat her and leave her to die of exposure despite Margot's attempts to save her, Margot sees a ghostly vision of her beating 12 sets of clothes some days later and then the 12 elders who are now accusing Margot of witchery die as bulding collapses.
Disaster Day (Supercats)
Don't Cry, Jennie
Narrator's friend Jennie is very sensitive and cries at everything, she wants to be an actress like her aunt who she idolises and who tells them old theatre stories, impressing the moral the show must go on, Jennie is cast as lead in school play and gives performance of her life, narrator finds out afterwards that her aunt died that morning.
Doomlight (Supercats)
Dorothy Of Derwent
Down In The Forest
Dragon In The Attic
Echo On The Wind (Damian Darke)
Susan is convalescing by beach after losing her memory in an accident, finds a dog while out walking, and when he nearly drowns she saves him and regains her memory from her accident, but when she returns home is told that a dog called Rags drowned there years ago, DD ends tale by asking 'What do you think?'
Eve's Strange Encounter
For The Love Of Marie
Friend Of The Fulmar (Damian Darke)
Jill and Denise get in trouble while out on their boat, they follow a mysterious gull to shore and are saved by a stranger who then disappears, later they see a picture of the gull and are told it is a Fulmar and the artist was close friends with it until he died, they realise these ghosts were who saved them.
From Out Of The Storm... (Supercats)
Crew are caught in an electrical storn on way to Emor which appears like Ancient Rome, they rescue Tara, sister of the cruel Empress but are captured and she sends them to fight as gladiators, they use their powers to win and the crowd decide to worship Tara.
From The Mists Of The Past! (Supercats)
Supercats land on planet Saurus and discover it is prehistoric, they are captured by Tyrons but use the dinosaurs as a distraction to help them escape,
Garden Of Evil (b) (Supercats)
The crew are on a mission to rescue a missing research team, when they arrive at the planet all the plants attack them, they find the scientists who say they discovered a mineral that made the plants grow and one is controlling them, they destroy the giant mushroom with an excess of fertiliser and get away.
Ghost Rider (Damian Darke)
Lindsay goes out on her bike in mist and picks up a mysterious stranger, they see the bridge is out and stop in time and he vanishes. Some days later she sees him in village and follows him, shining her light to reveals the bridge is out, and he manages to stop in time and thanks her.
Ghost Ship (Supercats)
Girl In The Red Dress
Male narrator goes to a Christmas fancy dress ball and meets entrancing foreign woman, but she vanishes and he realises she has returned to a painting on the wall.
Green Jean
Here Comes The Bride (Supercats)
Her Heart's Desire...
Her Majesty Netina (Supercats)
Hetty In The House Of Secrets
Hunted In Haunted Wood (Damian Darke)
Lynn and Joan explore a wood on halloween that is said to be haunted by witches, Lynn loses her bracelet and goes back later and sees shapes all around her but clings to a shining ash tree and they disappear, and DD concludes that the ash tree was used as protection against witches.
I Am The Power (Supercats)
I Don't Want To Be A Lady!
I Don't Want To Be A Witch
In A Quiet Country Churchyard
Morag is sure she will never see a ghost despite being told about Grey Lady in churchyard, goes there to draw and is helped by a lady with grey hair, but when she goes home her Gran tells her that was the ghost and the parts of her picture she drew have vanished.
It's All In The Mind...
Journey Into Fear (Damian Darke)
Jenny and Denise on cycling holidays and shelter in an old inn, they keep thinking they hear creepy noises and leave, when they look back it is just a ruin, then told in the Youth Hostel it is on the site of an infamous inn where travellers would be robbed and killed.
Little Old Lady...
Lonely Lucy
Lonly Lisa
Loved At Last
Lyn Dean's Deadly Double
Ma Benson
Mary, Mary...
Mission Destroy (Supercats)
Moon Mysteries
My Guardian Angel
Stella follows ghost of her sister Caroll which saves her from being on a train that crashes.
My Lady Of The River Bank
Mystery At Howlen Hall (Damian Darke)
Prudence goes to visit her cousin at her old house after receiving an exciting invitation to go ghost hunting, is told by servants that she has gone away but doesn't believe this, encounters old woman in middle of night and housekeeper tells her truth the nect day, that this is her cousin, aged by whatever she saw when trying to raise the ghost - she never recovers.
Neptune - Horse From The Deep
Never Tell A Lie...
Nightmare (b)
Narrator Angie has nightmares about a mansion and animal, when her family go to view a new flat it is the same place and she screams, curing her muteness.
Night Of Fear
Narrator describes a terrifing encounter in bedroom but end of story reveals she is acting in a play of Dracula and her fright is stage fright.
Night Of The Black Archers
Night Of The Black Swans
Night Of The Fox
Narrator helps her father hunt and they chase an injured fox but only find an old man who laughs like a fox at them when they retreat.
No Cheer For Cheryl
No Morning Tea, Thank You
No One Should Cry At Christmas
Narrator and her family hear ghosty crying in the night and are told is it of the Unwanted Child who never got presents at Christmas. That night the narrator is given her Christmas present of a music box but it disappears later and that night she hears the sound of music not crying. [Ends 'SLEEP TIGHT' addressed to reader in ghostly writing.]
No Place For Trespassers (Supercats)
Now You See Her... Now You Don't...
On A Wild Winter's Night
Tess and Janet are saved from freezing in a snowstorm by a man who they then discover is a ghost who died in a storm.
Operation Noah (Supercats)
Out Of The Moorland Mist
Narrator and her mum pick up a hitchhiker and mum mentions a girl who fell from her horse and drowned in bog, girl vanishes from back of car leaving only mud and horsehair and they realise she was a ghost.
Out Of This World
Patsy All Alone
Patsy the dog (focaliser) is left alone after her master Tinker John dies, she stops eating and tries to find him but is hit by a car and taken to the vicarage where the vet says she will not live and that night she sees her master again and joins him and we realise she has died.
Peril On Paradise Island
Phantoms Of The Forest
Planet Of The Flowers (Supercats)
The Lynx is damaged in a meteor storm and so they set down on a planet of beautiful flowers who seem to be sentient. Flora and Electra explore and are taken to the Queen who tells them about invaders (weeds) and in a plan to help they take off and spray chemicals to make it rain which saves the plants.
Poison Ivy
Poison Penny
Princess In Peril (Supercats)
Prisoner Of The Plants (Supercats)
Revenge Of The Black Swan
River Deep (Supercats)
Rockin' Ghosts
Rosa Never Cries...
Roxana's Revenge (Supercats)
Shelter For The Night
Sing A Song Of Terror
Sinister Shadows
Spectre From The Flame (Damian Darke)
Jane feels strangely about a mysterious silver candle stick at the antiques shop where she works, when they are burgled it conjures up the ghost of a judge who scares away the thief.
Strange Encounter
Strange Rescue
Strange Vengeance
Sundown On Somorra (Supercats)
Crew sent to evacuate prospectors, but they are all affected by the sun except Hercula who had her back to monitor, and startacting crazy, she saves them all and they escape.
Supercats (Supercats)
Supercats And The Mystery Of Brogarro (Supercats)
The team are tasked with stopping the war on this violent planet, they appeal to the women but are rebuffed on both sides, then demonstrate their technology and show them the death war causes and the women stop the men from fighting and the Supercats teach them sport instead.
Supercats And The Spider Queen (Supercats)
The spaceship Lynx is trapped in a giant spider web but use their powers to escape.
Supercats Meet The Sun God (Supercats)
The crew crash on an ancient egyptian planet and Helena is nearly sacrificed to the sun god but they use their powers to escape.
Swamp Of Evil (Damian Darke)
Lady Gladwell invites money lender Jethro Stern to her house and shows him her creepy paintings, which detail people he has ruined, he refuses to leave town and she lets him leave but he realises he is trapped in the swamp in one of her paintings.
Terror Time (Supercats)
The Animals Went In Two By Two
The Blandford Train
Narrator is playing a game and discovers an abandoned train station with Old Reliable and his cat Tom to welcome her and keep watch for the Blandford train, when she finds her friends again she is told the station has been closed for 7 years, ever since he died.
The Blossoms (Supercats)
The Broken-hearted Lady (Damian Darke)
Diana brings an old song to her folk song club about a Spanish lady in a wood, on the way home that night she sings the song and falls from her bike and sees the ghost of a Spanish lady approaching her house, she realises this is a ghost who loved her grandfather but came to England to find him married must have then died in the wood - she finds a small crucifix on the ground made of Spanish silver.
The Captive Castaway (Supercats)
The crew rescue an old man in response to his SOS but he reveals he has been under sentence on the planet after killing a prince thinking he was a bird, his sentencers agree he can be freed as they did not realise humans age so much compared to their race.
The Cauldron
The Cavalier's Cloak
The Clock That Walked
The Curse Of Culbin
The Curse Of The Demon Drummer
17thC family Sarah is visited by a beggar but her father has him jailed and takes his drum and the family are then haunted by a drumming sound. The beggar is accused of witchcraft but not convicted and Sarah gives him a penny and he leaves and the drumming stops.
The Daring Young Girl
Narrator Margaret watches her sister Marissa on the trapeze and vows to help her when she freezes, she summons the spirit of their dead twin which gives Marissa the courage to make the jump in their performance.
The Dark Secret Of Grimstone Grange
The Deadly Daffodil (Supercats)
The crew are hunting for some missing spaceships, they land on a plant and realise everything there is an illusion, they take tablets to break this and are attacked by a robot which they destroy, breaking the hypnosis on the other space crews.
The Deadly Doubles (Supercats)
Supercats visit Zoltans and are accused of robbery, imprisoned and then rescued/kidnapped by Rafflic who has made androids of them, they escape and prove their innocence.
The Deadly Violins (Supercats)
The crew land their shuttlecraft 'Kitten' on planet Charos but it is faulty so Electra and Helen stay to fix it while the other two explore and become hypnotised by two dolls playing violins, but they rescue them and destroy the dolls and their leader.
The Denvers In Danger (Damian Darke)
Julia and her brother Tom are close after their parents die from falling off a cliff, she finds herself on the same cliff and he rescues her, despite being miles away in London where he thinks he sees her fall from a train platform and then vanish, they decide that living people have ghosts that can help each other too.
The Dinsdale Dog
The Doomed Ones (Supercats)
The Doves Of Sorrow
Miss Hatherleigh tells visiting girl story of Lady Caroline, who loved birds, her wicked cousin Edgar tries to burn her dovecote, she saves her doves and her friend Tom saves her, but she is injured and dies, telling doves to forget me not and all future ones are born with crimson on their chest.
The Emerald Pool
The Face At The Window
Narrator and her friends are hospitalised with scarlet fever and bored until another patient, Helen, tells them about the Heart family who she watches from the window, but then they are told she died and when they look out the window there is no family, just the tombstone of Helen Heart d.1850.
The Face Of Romany Fortune
The Fair Elvira
Set in past - shipwreck and men die, figurehead is lost but daughter Jennet finds it, some nights later there is another storm and the figurehead taps on all the windows in the street to wake them and save the crew.
The Fear Behind The Face
The Flame Of Life (Supercats)
The Forgotten Music Box
The Freston Figurines
The Ghost Of Bad-Tempered Bess (Damian Darke)
Sylvie and Dolly tell each other ghost stories which she doesn't believe, but that night she is haunted by a ghost who plays tricks on her until she acknowledges she is real.
The Ghost Of Greystones
The Ghost Of Haunted Heath
Kate is forced to marry unhappily and with her horse Satan becomes a highwayman when her husband is away, but gets arrogant and is shot during a robbery, she dies before she can make it home and now haunts the heathland.
The Ghost Of Whitefire
The Girl In Blue
The Girl Who Loved Horses
The God Of The Sea (Supercats)
The Governess (b)
The Green-eyed Guardians (Supercats)
Helen sent as ambassador to Planet Felix where the giant cats keep humans as pets, she shows them that it is better if they work together as humans have valuable skills for them too.
The Gypsy's Warning
The Haunting Of Laura Lee
The House Of Long Ago
The House Of Palgrave (Damian Darke)
Victorian lady Maria buys a house that is claimed to be haunted and many mysterious things happen and she is nearly killed. She is rescued by descendents of the Palgraves and marries one of them, breaking the curse.
The Imposter (Supercats)
The Key Of The Coiled Serpents
The Key To Freedom
The Last Laugh (b)
Janet and Vi are not friendly as Janet caught her stealing once. She is tricked by Vi into breaking into Mrs Rathbone's house together as they think she is a witch, but Vi is the witch and vanishes leaving Janet to get the blame.
The Legend Of Lady Anne's Necklace (Damian Darke)
Anne arrives at castle in 1876 and hears crying in the night, is told story of previous owner in portrait who lost her necklace and her husband and never smiled again, finds the necklace next day and leaves it in front of the picture, next day she is wearing it and smiling and the crying stops.
The Legend Of Lucy Lightfoot
The Little Crusader
The Little Mayflower
The Lovely Lucinda
The Love Spoon
The Mask Of Menace
The Midnight Stranger
Nurse Rosie looks after her ill charge who keeps asking for someone, she dozes that night and when she wakes a man arrives to entertain with strange tricks, as he vanishes she realises he is the snowman her young master built that day and he wakes and says he is feeling much better and as she goes to him she steps on holly that the snowman was holding.
The Mistery Of Mandrake's Cabinet
Narrator goes to a circus show and paticipates in a vanishing trick where she meets his assistant who then disapears and the magician announces that his assistant was killed a few weeks ago.
The Modello Mystery (Supercats)
The Music Master (Supercats)
The Mystery Birds Of Mora
The Mystery Of Galaxy Minor (Supercats)
The Mystery Of The Great Magi
1900 and orphans Sue and Molly sell violets for mean Mrs Grim, they find an old key and watch a magic show in empty theatre, magician gives them food and silver, Mrs Grim sees this and goes the next day to beg, he locks her in a cupboard and never seen again, his stage show actually ended ten years ago and orphans given a better home.
The Night The Stars Went Out
Narrator is nurse to Captain's daughter on a ship, she is scared of his black slave, that night the ship is attacked by his people and they are all taken prisoner, as she leaves the ship she sees its name Marie Celeste and suspects they will never be found or seen again.
The Nine Lives Of Kitty Foster
The Outcast
The Phantom Barge (Damian Darke)
Christine and her family see a mysterious barge and are told its story by locals - a mutiny took place and gold was stolen and the witnesses killed
The Phantom From Florence
Cashio is haunted by memory/ghost of a girl he loved and abandoned, he fights a duel for her and dies.
The Phantom Hunt
Girls visit an old hall and struck by its atmosphere and told of the phantom hunt - Lady Abigail forced to marry against her will and on her wedding day hunt her love and her husband fight, killing her accidentally and mortally injuring each other, all of them die and her father is left crying at the hall, the girls' say that is what they have seen.
The Pheasant Screen
1842 Millicent and Dexter are engaged, he goes on a voyage and brings her back a screen that is cursed, it haunts him with visions of a bird and he dies in an accident.
The Prince Of Vyron (Supercats)
The Puttenden Playmates
The Queen Must Die (Supercats)
The Queen's Destiny
The Return Of The Sorrow Sisters (Damian Darke)
Cissie and Betsy in 1926 heading to a village for their holidays but when they arrive it is deserted, finally they realise that they are the ghosts.
The Ring Of Terror (Damian Darke)
Lavinia has her fortune told at fair and is warned that the scarab ring she has will only cause misery, her sister falls ill and she smashes the ring and her sister recovers.
The Rocking Chair (Damian Darke)
‘From the book of DD, a strange tale-’ Beryl offers to feed neighbour’s cat while away, sees old woman in rocking chair, is told when she returns that this was ghost of her sister ‘Well, did Beryl really see a figure in the old rocking chair? Only Beryl knew, but one thing is certain – she won’t offer to look after Miss Agnes’s cat again – ever'.
The Rocking Hourse
The Sad-Eyed Princess
The Scent Of Violets
Narrator becomes friends with famous writer and admires her eagle tapestry and steals it, but dead secretary's typewriter reveals it was her.
The Scratching On The Pane
Narrator tells of the time when she stayed at a friend's house for a Halloween party and heard scratching on her window all night, although there was nothing there, but in morning they found large scratch marks on the glass.
The Sea Witch
The Secret Guardian
The Secret Of Daisy Grave
Helen is warned against picking flowers by her gran who tells her the local story of a chinese girl and her dog who were cast off a ship for superstition and when her body washed up on shore it was buried there and her dog guarded it - those who pick the flowers have received ghostly bites. That night Helen takes a ball to the graveside for the dog to play with.
The Secret Of Silver Star
The Shop At Shudder Corner
The Silent City (Supercats)
The Skating Spectre
The Sleeping Planet (Supercats)
The Smuggler's Lady
The Snow Girl
Narrated by Nicky who is a loner and confronted by a snowgirl statue asking for help. She runs away and is hit by a car and realises the girl is the same one who asked her for help a few years ago when upset about her exam results, but Nicky ignored her and she was hit by a car and died. Ends with Nicky in hospital haunted by snowgirl who comes in through window.
The Star Minstrel (Supercats)
The Statues Of Xenod (Supercats)
The Story Grandad Told
Karen wants to leave school and get a job, she runs away to do this, while waiting for bus she meets her Grandad in café and he tells her his story of how hard life was with no schooling, so she decides to go back home but when she gets there he has just died and her mum tells her he opened his eyes at the end and smiled and said 'Karen's coming home'.
The Strange Ones
The Strange Sights And Sounds Of Sawston Hall
The Swan Child
Cassie's grandfather tells her the legend of the Swan Child - wicked stepmother Edwiga sends out daughter Hulda while her husband is away and she is rescued by swans.
The Tale Of Twelve Chimneys
Narrator enticed into spooky house where a chimney sweep died by a girl she meets, falls and hits head, when she comes round a boy has saved her and reveals that the sweep who died was female.
The Tapes Of Terror (Supercats)
Crew answer a distress call from Planet of Peace, tapes have been stolen that allude to its warlike history and are being used to start a war, they destroy the tapes and head for Earth.
The Tell-Tale Ring
The Thing
The Touch Of Death (Supercats)
The Traitor's Gate
The Trendy Ghost Of Garston (Damian Darke)
Babs and Betty (who is black) open their own boutique but hear mysterious noises and find the clothes in a mess; they tick off the ghost who they realise is a dandy called Beau Brand who used to live there, later he helps them sell their men's clothes by advertising them.
The Tunnel
Ann is nagged by a gypsy boy to take him with her on ghost train, he tells her his father was a pirate and she accuses him of lying, he disappears and she finds a treasure chest with his father's name on it but leaves the gold coin in it behind, decides it was all a dream but still has bruise on her chest from the treasure chest lid.
The Village Of Fear
The Wandermen Of Kree (Supercats)
The Supercats are on a rescue mission to find inhabitants on Kree which has been poisoned by a space collision. Fauna goes to the planet to investigate and is reminded of her childhood there and discovers her childhood friend and saves them.
The Warning
The White House
Narrator Julie investigates a white house that gives her feeling she has been there before, she observes a family in which the daughter is horrid to her stepmoster but they cannot see her, she leaves to go back to her house feeling sad and encounters her own stepmother who she calls mum and her face lights up.
Trapped In The Pages Of Peril (Supercats)
The crew visit planet Kronus for an observation mission and discover that the characters there are being controlled by a superbrain to act out stories of a book - Helen leaves her book there and life changes to a peaceful rural story.
Vengeance Of Vampirene
Voices At Midnight
Narrator finds a pestle and mortar in garden on halloween and is disturbed by ghostly visitations, discovers they belonged to a girl burnt as a witch and reburies them and the visions stop.
Whatever Became Of Betsy?
Wheels Of Time
When Snow Falls At Midnight
Narrator Dorcas and her mistress are lost in the snow and follow their aunt's dog but when they make it safely to the house they are told he died a week ago and Dorcas realises he was a ghost and left no paw prints on the snow.
When The Mummy Walks
When The Sun Shines In...
When Time Plays Tricks (Damian Darke)
Sally has a mysterious illness and wants to go and visit her penfriend, she does but his house and everything else is not there, she is about to give up but then sees him, doesn't introduce herself and discovers he is about to move in there and all the letters she has from him are from the future. 'Strange, don't you think, and doesn't it make you wonder?'
Where The Roses Bloom (Supercats)
Whisper, Whisper... (Damian Darke)
Marcia buys a cottage and hangs an old mirror she finds in the attic but some days later she is discovered tortured by constant whispering because the mirror is cursed, a friend fixes the problem by giving it to an old lady which Marcia thinks is evil but then discovers the lady is deaf and will not be bothered by the curse.
Whistle The Wind
Wings Of Fear (Supercats)
Zodiac Girl
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Debbie & Spellbound 314 1979-02-17
Debbie & Spellbound 315 1979-02-24
Debbie & Spellbound 316 1979-03-03
Debbie & Spellbound 317 1979-03-10
Debbie & Spellbound 318 1979-03-17
Debbie & Spellbound 319 1979-03-24
Debbie & Spellbound 320 1979-03-31 *
Debbie & Spellbound 321 1979-04-07
Debbie & Spellbound 322 1979-04-14
Debbie & Spellbound 323 1979-04-21
Debbie & Spellbound 324 1979-04-28 *
Debbie & Spellbound 325 1979-05-05
Debbie & Spellbound 326 1979-05-12
Debbie & Spellbound 327 1979-05-19
Debbie & Spellbound 328 1979-05-26
Debbie & Spellbound 329 1979-06-02
Debbie & Spellbound 330 1979-06-09
Debbie & Spellbound 331 1979-06-16
Debbie & Spellbound 332 1979-06-23
Debbie & Spellbound 333 1979-06-30
Debbie & Spellbound 334 1979-07-07
Debbie & Spellbound 335 1979-07-14
Debbie & Spellbound 336 1979-07-21
Debbie & Spellbound 337 1979-07-28
Debbie & Spellbound 338 1979-08-04
Debbie & Spellbound 339 1979-08-11
Debbie & Spellbound 340 1979-08-18
Debbie & Spellbound 341 1979-08-25
Debbie & Spellbound 342 1979-09-01
Debbie & Spellbound 343 1979-09-08
Debbie & Spellbound 344 1979-09-15
Debbie & Spellbound 345 1979-09-22
Debbie & Spellbound 346 1979-09-29
Debbie & Spellbound 347 1979-10-06
Debbie & Spellbound 348 1979-10-13
Debbie & Spellbound 349 1979-10-20