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Sandie Annual

Once Per Year


Abdullah, The Wise One
All In The Family
A Mascot For The Minitones
Annie's Animal Sanctuary
A Pet's Plot
A Queen For Nine Days (Famous Women)
Aunt Jemima's Desert Island
Barbara And The Blue Jewels
Bonnie's Butler
Brenda's Brownies
Bruno Big Heart
Chairman Cherry
Companion To A Star
Darlow And Daughter
Daughter Of The Revolution (Famous Women)
Ever Popular Susie
Follow My Leader
Friends And Neighbours
Anne and family move into new house and have trouble with neighbours who they think are pretending it is haunted, but turns out old tramp has been sleeping in shed and they all become friends
Gypsy Girl Jo
Heart Of Ice
Jacey On Peril Island
Jane Bond - Secret Agent
Jane Eyre's Wedding Day
Janet Wins Through
Jasmine And Buttercup
Jeanie And Her Uncle Meanie
Julie's Gentle Giant
Jumbo Joins The Family
Kate And The Merry Monarch
Lorna Of The Outlaw Doones
Lotty Laughs Last
Love Of The Wild
Many Towered Camelot
Milly The Merry Mermaid
Miss Barrett Of Wimpole Street (Famous Women)
Miss Quicksilver
Moira Slave Girl Of Rome
My Best Friend Boadicea
Mystery Mill
No-Good Nora
Not So Lady-Like Lucy
Pat Of The Dolphins
Penny Saves The School
Perilous Escape
Princess Of The Pyramids
Queen Of Scots (Famous Women)
River Of Peril
She Served Mankind (Famous Women)
Slocombe On The Move
Spook Of St. Luke's
Strange Journey
Super-Girl Sandra
Susan's Midnight Mission
Terri On A Tightrope
The Cat And The Pirate
The Courage Of Mam'selle X
The Dutyful Dolphin
The Eyes Of Irene
The Forbidden City
The Gentle Heroine (Famous Women)
The Happy Days
The Haunted Valley
The House On Sinister Hill
The Lady In White
The Lonely Queen (Famous Women)
The Lost Secret
The Loyal Lady (Famous Women)
The Mystery Of The Wax Museum
The Mystery Tour
The Nine Lives Of Nat The Cat
The Old Oak Tree
The Old Weather Man
The Phantom Stallion
The Plan That Rocked The School
The Rabbit Guide
The Secret Of Willowdene
The Trolls
The Winning Design
Tide Of Fear
Too Easy For Lee
Two And Two Make Four
Wee Sue
Wendy the Witch
Comedy escapades of a young witch
We're Three Again
Westward The Wagons
Willy The Ever Hungry Wily Wolf
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