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Pink Annual

Once Per Week


All Work - No Play!
Always Is A Long, Long Time
As Tears Go By
Benny's Girl
Born Too Late!
Christmas Will Be Here
Dial A Date!
Hopelessly Devoted
I'm Not So Frightened, Any More
Love Me Love My Owner
Love's Riches
Love You Forever....
Miss Fix-it
Patty's World
Someone You Fancy
The Brave And The Lonely
The Girl On The Train
The Most Loving Couple
The Real John Carson
This Is The Momment...
Tomorrow's Sunshine
When You Love Enough
Will It Be Too Late?
Would He Be Waiting?
Yesterday's Lovers
Pink Annual 1974 1974-01-01
Pink Annual 1975 1975-01-01
Pink Annual 1976 1976-01-01
Pink Annual 1977 1977-01-01
Pink Annual 1978 1978-01-01
Pink Annual 1979 1979-01-01
Pink Annual 1980 1980-01-01
Pink Annual 1981 1981-01-01 *
Pink Annual 1982 1982-01-01 *