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Misty Summer Special

Once Per Year


A Letter Through Time...
Letter from Racha in the future who has visited our time for a daytrip to the beach
Black Sunday
Rebecca and Susie go into derelict house and enter black-painted room, realise walls are actually covered with flies and giant fly has been released from box, Susie rushes out to tell police but then Rebecca comes out and says all is OK, though final panel reveals her eyes replaced with a fly’s.
Don't Cry For Me, Angelina
Angelina is lonely in foster home and mean to those around her, she makes a friend called Selene on the beach and starts being nicer to everyone, falls into water trying to get a present of shipwreck flotsam for Garry’s birthday, and is saved by foster mum, who says Selene was name of sea witch who probably got blame for smugglers’ activities.
Friends And Neighbours
Anne and family move into new house and have trouble with neighbours who they think are pretending it is haunted, but turns out old tramp has been sleeping in shed and they all become friends
First-person tale of writer’s best friend Kerry who hates cats and loves mice, then sees rats at school and under spell of mirror begins to believe she is one of them and kills her brother Nick’s pet mice; narrator sees her scream into mirror and face turn into a rat (p12 image) and convinces Nick to smash mirror and all goes back to normal.
Orphan Carla is shunned by village as poor, finds a unicorn foal that is being teased and keeps it, takes it to vets when it is hit by rock and they realise what it is, spaceship with centaurs comes to take them both away as humanity not ready for such exotic animals
The Ice Tomb
Lesley and Dawn discover a cave in ice on school trip and stay to sketch paintings within it, get trapped there overnight and leave stove on for night, in morning it melts the snow and caveman comes alive, chases them out into sun and shrivels up and they escape.
The Last Ray Of Hope...
Nancy’s fisherman father goes out for one last catch despite warnings, and leaves her special lantern to light his way home but it goes out. Some time later, family come to cottage and find lantern, which the kids light, and there is a knock on the door which they think is their father but he arrives a bit later.
Wendy the Witch
Comedy escapades of a young witch
Misty Summer Special 1978 1978-07-01 *