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Misty Annual

Once Per Year


A Little Night Music...
Shipwreckers crash the ship The Vulture, discover its cargo is just music boxes but survivor claims they are magical, they call the ghosts/zombies of all the dead sailors who come back for revenge and kill the pirates, and Bella reveals she is a witch.
A New Leaf For Nancy
Nancy and family are down on their luck, move to new house where neighbour tells her previous owner claimed the tree was magic, things start to go well for Nancy when she finds leaves from the tree in her hair or washing, but only if they fall naturally. Council come to pull down tree but a freak accident stops them, Nancy's parents find some money hidden in the house, but it is counterfeit and her Dad's old partner fakes a crash so they can go on the run. Nancy takes a cutting for old lady who lived there before but Irene steals it. Dad's partner attacks her mum but Nancy saves her and her Dad gives himself up and gets a reward. The tree vanishes - but maybe it will return next year.
A Voice From The Past
Selfish Tina quits her drama group's play because she doesn't have the lead, goes back into theatre and meets an old woman who shows her how to act the smaller part much better, finds an old portrait and realises that she was a famous actress of the last century, takes the smaller part and does it well 'act from the heart'.
A World Elsewhere
Asmolinda is trapped in ice by spurned lover Goth and Ice Queen, can only be free by a human soul. Misty visits Goth and finds him the soul of a girl, Stella, who frees Asmolinda who turns to light, and Stella wakes up from her coma.
Blood Orange
Historical. Amy helps her father on his market stall, accidentally sells some special oranges reserved for R.A. Claude, she goes with him to help unload them and she realises he is a vampire (anagram of Dracula) and is trying to escape when she wakes up and realises it was all a dream.
Cilla the Chiller
Comedy adventures of a schoolgirl ghost haunting a stately home
Count The Flowers
Blind Polly comes and sits in the theatre for free every week and is company for the owner Mr Mobely who always gives her flowers. He hears her in the theatre on Sunday when there is no show, and realises she is watching a ghostly performance of a magician, Gant, who performed 60 years ago – he gives her back her sight and she says she believes in magic again.
Don't Look In The Mirror
Kate, Tom and Beth go to stay with their estranged Aunt Eliza, who warns them not to look in a mirror in her attic. Tom disappeared and when the children investigate they realise that they are figments of her imagination and already dead and join their family in the mirror.
Down in The Cellar (True Ghost)
Rosemary and family holiday in a cottage where Rosemary feels a sad presence in cellar and hears sound of spinning overnight. They discover love letters hidden beneath the floorboards from girl to her boyfriend that were never delivered by her cruel father who kept her trapped in cellar spinning yarn, and after that the ghost leaves.
End Of The Pier...
Alison works at aquarium and loves the giant squid although her boss says they are monsters. He sells the place and she goes back spend last night there and say goodbye, a violent storm washes the place into the ocean and she thinks the squid is going to drag her into the depths but it saves her.
Friends Of Alison
Alison and her mum on way to a new house, Alison has a happy dream of voices calling her 'Alison's home!', goes to nearby deserted house but finds children there to play with, who tell her they have left her a secret envelope, when she finds it she realises the house is actually old and deserted and faints. The envelope she has found is deeds to the house showing it belongs to her family, her aunt and uncle come home from abroad to claim it and she realises they were the children she had been playing with and who left her the envelope.
Ghost Hunters
Janet's uncle John is a psychic ghost hunter and takes her with him to investigate a moving chair, the test is inconclusive but they speculate the old woman might have got what she wanted as her son insists she move in with him, or that she might be doing it telekinetically. Janet returns for her chair and hears the chair move...
Ghostly Music
Misty bookends and explains the science at the end. Historical. Johann makes lutes but wants to be respected as a scientist. He creates a skeleton puppet that appears to play the lute by itself. The townsfolk decide to burn him as a witch but his sister finds his lute and realises he has been making the skeleton appear to play through sympathy of sound.
Girl In The Graveyard
True ghost story adapted from J.B. Priestley. Girl troubled by recurring dream of entering a graveyard, being drawn to a grave and sensation of falling. One day on holiday this happens and the grave she is drawn to has her date of birth as the date of death. She never has the dream again.
Grandfather's Clock
Bully Cluny is left a legacy of a clock by her grandfather which strikes thirteen and sends her into a parallel world where she is bullied and smart and her grandfather is still alive. He warns her about her behaviour and her clock is sold by mean aunt and when she tries to get it back she is sent to prison. She is caught up in an escape attempt, she hides from police and meets her grandfather again who reveals that he makes time machines that look like clocks. He sends her back home now she has learned the importance of being kinder to people.
Hand Of Vengeance!
Fiona is given a ring by her uncle and told tale of how it was stolen along with a mummified hand from another family. Told not to wear it as cursed. She puts it on for a party and the hand taps its way to her window, she removes the ring and later they find the hand restored to smoothness wearing the ring.
Hannah Comes Home
Hannah and her family have nowhere to live as her dad is in army, while on a cruise she has dreams of a welcoming house, and loses her scarab necklace in one of them. When visiting their uncle they find the exact same house and manage to buy it cheap as rumoured to be haunted, they research the haunting and find out that the ghost dropped a necklace that is Hannah's.
Home For Tea
Addie and her sister Lynn go potholing, feels like they fall but do not move, when they emerge everything is wasteland and they return home and find their mum's gravestone and realise they are in the year 2058 and there has been a global war. They go back to the cave and wait a few more minutes, emerge into the far future where a city has been rebuilt, decide that although their family and life has gone they still have each other.
Last Dance At The Disco
Bookended by Misty. Susie and Marge go to disco but it is deserted and all fake, they find mysterious people in office who welcome them but then say they have made a mistake. When they return to disco everybody is there, next day in paper revealed there was a slow burning fire in basement and a miracle everybody wasn't killed.
Last Train
Judy used to like the ghost train but as a 'Misty' reader it doesn't scare her any more - has one last ride for old times' sake, but on her second go round the generator breaks and is plunged into blackness, confronted with Dracula and Frankenstein's creature, but when she comes round in hospital told she got an electric shock and her brain created these hallucinations.
Looking After Georgy
Angela researches her family tree, is given an old carving of a bat and a journal by her gran who says she was told they should stay in the family. Reads journal of her ancestor Anna with same birthday as her who loves bats and is given the craving which she names Georgy after one in her barn. She marries a cruel man who poisons all the bats in their granary and she accidentally inhales it and dies, townsfolk think he has killed her and his fortunes change. Angela has a dream in which she tells them he did not mean to kill her and hears Anna's voice thanking her, wakes and vows to keep the bat carving and realises their names are anagrams with additional word 'GLAD'.
Lottie Comes Back
Jenny and family move to flat which she hates and is lonely, sees ghostly girl and follows her to house where she helps an old woman after a fall, the woman tells her that was the ghost of her daughter who was killed playing on building site and now she has saved her she won't be back.
Mary Trelawny And The Merman
Carey is staying with her aunt in Cornwall, sees a deserted old cottage on the beach and is told story of Mary who vanished one night into the sea with a strange man, but returned to comfort her father after all other family members died. That night Carey goes down to the beach and helps an old seal reach the house, sees it spring back into life and Mary's ghost come and meet her merman.
Miss T
Comedy misadventures of a hapless witch
Mountain Girl
Anna and her Grandfather help a village grow crops but they become greedy and won't let them leave; her grandfather is accidentally shot and Anna goes home and brings an earthquake down, destroying the village.
Out For Blood
Joan and class are on a school trip in Europe which includes a visit to castle of Countess Bathory who Joan relates to the old legend of bathing in blood. The bus crashes and Joan goes for help, the Countess reveals she is a vampire and tries to hypnotise Joan but her glasses are broken, and Joan pushes her into bath of water not blood which destroys her.
Phantom Of The Mist...
Maria sees a vision of shadows struggling and saves hermit when accused of stealing from a monastary.
Phantom Riders Of The Mist
Orphan Melanie sent to stay with her uncle but his inn is derelict and deserted, she gets lost in mist and discovers it busy and that her uncle and his friends are wreckers who shipwreck merchant ships. She tries to escape but ends up in the cove and witnesses that they are vampires. She hides the shore light and they mistakenly go out to sea and are destroyed when the sun rises, and she never returns to the inn.
Prince Of Lightning
Bookended by Misty. Libby goes to stay with her friend Kim who has inherited an old house with Aztec statues, Kim believes the statues are possessed and Libby finds her tied up and about to be sacrificied, but it turns out it is a trick by a man who wants to buy them as at the end lightning strikes and reveals the altar contains priceless jewels.
Rag Doll
Rachel is bullied in orphanage and her wicked aunt plots against her to take her inheritance. Through witchcraft she creates a rag doll and sends it to her and when Rachel makes a wish it acts upon it, injuring her mean teacher. That night Rachel wishes to be dead and the rag doll sets a fire, but it catches fire itself and her aunt burns up and Rachel inherits her fortune.
Rubie's Best Friend
Bookended by Misty. Ruthie rescues an ex-fighting dog from drowning and one day they are walking in forest when he warns her of fire, a tree falls on him and she has to leave him but then he reappears in the smoke and guides her to safety, but after the fire is out they discover his body still trapped under the tree. Misty asks questions at the end.
Silverwing (Beasts)
Jenny befriends a partially albino blackbird and saves it from others, and from a cat – she catches severe cold waiting for the vet and gets pneumonia and fever, bird sings and brings her back from death and she finds she can sing too now, bird dies, but she becomes famous singer.
Something On The Stairs!
Narrated by parson's daughter, move to new parish and discovers legend that a rector hid treasure there many years ago, when hunting for it in dark is attacked by what she thinks is a demon but when day comes reveals it is just a dead octopus wedged in tower and resolves to be more generous.
Jinny is dared to spend the night in a haunted house by her friends, she sneaks out after her mother warns her there is a Borstal boy on the loose, goes into house and finds a boy there and they talk. He tells her they are coming for him tonight and makes her leave, the next morning she finds out the Borstal boy was caught early on and her friend tells her the ghost of a young highwayman haunts the house. She is sure she will see him again...
Spider Woman
Jan's father marries again and stepmother Sylvia sends her off to a school run by her friend Arachna, where she makes friends but finds it mysterious. Discovers host of eggs and that Sylvia is a spider woman who wants to feed her and other school children to them. Burns down the school with lantern and is reunited with her father.
Strange Heritage
A couple's car breaks down and they are directed to an old house by a boy with an otter. The occupants tell them the tale of its ownership - Emilie was a servant there and became friends with Gideon who helps animals. He was rightful heir to the house but the will showing this is burnt. Despite this he helps rescue the two children but dies in the process. Their father leaves the house to Emilie in thanks and she has preserved the nature around it and turned it over to national trust. The boy they saw is his ghost and she leaves on a boat with him.
Stranger In My Mirror
Mary and her family are down on luck, she buys a mysterious mirror from old antique shop and soon realises her reflection comes out of it and helps her. The mirror is broken but fixed, she is nearly caught a number of times, and ultimately it is stolen by bully Lydia, they struggle over it and throw it into river which releases the water sprite inside and brings her good luck - her Dad comes home from hospital.
String Of Seven Stones
Bookended by Misty. Carol given a family necklace for her birthday and claimed it is lucky, she loses all seven beads but in process of getting them back they help lots of different people.
Terror On A Day Trip!
Amanda goes on school trip to castle and feels unaccountably scared of teacher. She forgets to buy a postcard so goes back and finds herself alone, realises that her teacher looks exactly like painting of a nobleman that conjures up horrid memories as her father scared her with a suit of armour in the same castle when she was young. Class arrives and also see the similarity, once she realises this she is no longer scared and they all go home.
The Bedtime Visitor
Children are haunted by a crying ghost of a young girl at bedtime, one night narrator is attacked and scratched, spends time in hospital with infected cuts and the family move. As an adult she returns to the house for work and encounters the ghost again and runs, but researches it and discovers a young girl with plague was locked up there by the family and scratched the door unable to escape. Asks for an exorcism but told this has already been done.
The Black Cat
Lucy is bullied at school and plays truant, finds a lovely garden and speaks to a boy there who says he can help her father find a job, she convinces her Dad to come with her to the house that night and the old man there admits he needs a family to help with the place since his wife died and his son ran away to sea. Lucy's dad gets the job and she sees a photo of the son and realises this must have been the ghost of the boy she spoke to.
The Chair That Chilled...
Bookended by Misty. Janie and family move to new house, roof leaks and neighbour says he will pay for it if they take an old chair off his hands. Told it is cursed and they start having bad luck and cannot get rid of it, but when Janie smashes it up it is full of money and legally theirs.
The Collector (a)
2nd person narration – haunted postbox traps people inside, then is torn down for town redevelopment and new post office, releasing them all.
The Cult Of The Cat
The Cupboard
Narrator moves to new house, doesn't like it, finds mysterious cupboard under the wallpaper in her room, but when she uses it her clothes get thrown out over floor and at night they hear crying coming from it. Finds a message from a boy locked in there by his governness Miss Jessup and thinks he is the ghost but then told that he locked her in there and she starved to death. Ghost comes back that night but when her mum tells her that she is getting back together with her Dad it disappears - perhaps driven away by happiness.
The Curse Of Castle Krumlaut
Historical. Shona is a sharpshooter in circus and is hired by Baroness to shoot a wolf but discovers it is the Baron who is a werewolf, she refuses to shoot him but in struggle the gun goes off and kills him, and Baroness reveals she is a vampire, but Shona shoots her too.
The Day Of The Troll
Troll terrorises island and threatens king to let him marry his daughter to confer respectability upon him, Misty helps by suggesting they award him a medal instead but it is hung on a chain of enchantment and turns him to stone.
The Day The Sky Grew Dark... (Beasts)
Tatum sent to live with Uncle Maxwell in his creepy silent house, discovers he is keeping birds in cellar and experimenting to gain power of flight, they escape and peck him to death, she answers phone and says ‘right now… he’s feeding the birds’
The Dreamer
Bookended by Misty. Deirdre dreams of ancient Irish chieftains defending their land and discovers a chest of treasure exactly where she sees, proving to her friend Donal that her voices are real.
The Evil Garden
Ruth is captured when picking herbs and made to tend the garden of evil Ruella and her kind sister. Discovers that Ruella plots to kill her sister but she is pricked by white rose and dies and her kind sister takes over.
The Figure In The Fog
Sue and Dad drive back from seaside day out, fog comes in and they are asked to helpwith an accident and find a crashed police car. They call police who come out but there has been no fog and no crashed car - policeman says this is a crank call that happened three years ago. When the cops leave their car has same reg as the crashed car - Sue realises they are the ghosts performing this over and over again.
The Forest Of Dean
Family camping in forest meet Old George who tells/warns them about nearby mine, the two sisters go and explore it the next day (ignoring warning sign!) and Vanessa is trapped in cave-in, Polly fetches parents and then goes back as Vanessa says there is someone else there and finds skeleton that she recognises as Old George from medallion round his neck.
The Frankenstein Papers
Professor convinces gypsy Zerlina to show him to old haunted mill that has evil reputation which he believes was location of Frankenstein. He is injured and sends her for help, and lights fire that melts ice, freeing the creature, who tries to carry him to safety but they both burn to death.
The Ghost-Girl
Narrator moves to new town with family doesn't like house as next to creepy graveyard but comes round to it and is given a puppy. Sees ghost girl in graveyard looking for her dog who looks like her, names her puppy after the dog, shows her friend Amy who tells her it is the daughter of the previous vet who died, girl saves her dog from a car in identical accident to the one she died in.
The Ghost Of Golightly Towers
The Greek Girl
Rose has no confidence and is terrible at everything, until Penny appears and helps her with her homework, sports, swimming etc. Rose recognises her from a statue in the museum and hinks she is the goddess of confidence. It turns out Penny was the model for the statue and imprisoned in it by the goddess for her arrogance. She vanishes and Rose resourcefully goes to look for her, and Penny reveals she has not been imprisoned in the statue as she has done such a good job of helping others. She disappears and leaves Rose her cat and a new permanent confidence.
The Green China Man
Spoilt and selfish Tina buys a green china figure from an antique shop and realises it grants whatever she wishes, decides to vanish a girl from her school but when she tells her to 'get lost' an echo throws the words back at her and she vanishes. Her mum is so upset she accidentally smashes the figure while cleaning and all the wishes are undone and Tina returns.
The Green Lady Of Thorpe Hall (True Ghost)
Widow Juanita falls in love with an English prisoner and sells her jewels to free him, then follows him to England and finds he is married and kills herself and haunts his mansion.
The Haunted Bakery
Polly has medium abilities and has a vision of a poor baby starved to dear by parson who was supposed to care for her after her parents died, uncovering the village secret.
The Haunted Library
Misty bookends. Fay and Cora are tasked with clearing old turret room to make into a school library but mysterious occurences such as books being thrown around and a note appearing. They research and discover that in Victorian times a boy used to be locked in there by his tutor, and that the note is on old paper. Next time they go in it feels like the curse has gone. Misty ends on questions.
The Haunting Of Form 2B
Judith and friends start a new modernised school but her friends are given old desks from cellar and become different and transported into past. Judith finds photo showing their teacher 100 years ago and realises everything she brings up from basement converts people to Victorians. Reports to police but no evidence, realises she is next based on photo of their ancestors with Miss Thistlewick. The clothes don't affect Judith and her friends ask for help, she realises Miss Thistlewick is trying to recreate a past boat trip and that her power is only when close to school. Pretends to be Victorian and gets the girls to row far away but when Miss Thistlewick pursues them they sink and nearly drown but are rescued by man who says he was warned by a strange woman. Miss Thistlewick appears and reveals she has been trying to make penance for the boat trip and then everything goes back to normal.
The House On The Hill
Sarah and family move to new house after her mum dies and lots of other ill fortune, Sarah finds her youg sister sleepwalking and possessed, scrabbling at panel door to the cellar. Next day researches history of the house and finds it was owned by Lady Ula, goes back into cellar and finds packing case, Jan transforms again and attacks her, she fights back and candle is knocked over and sets the cellar on fire. It is put out and she realises that the spirit of Lady Ula protecting her son Anton Carl, 'a medical man, Dr. A.C.Ula' - vampire Dracula. Case has vanished and the family get a nice new house.
The Pony From The Moorland Mist
Tracy moves with her father to superstitious Cornwall, finds a black horse on the moor, the neighbours decide he is evil as she found him in a fairy ring and he attacks the horseshoes above the house door, but her father convinces them not to kill him. She rides the pony and is slightly injured, meets a friend Rachel, they ride to Gremmel's valley which she is told is cursed, Midnight saves her from a swamp. Mrs Lydd gives her a charm to wear while riding him, they save a boy from drowning, Tracy visits a fortune teller who warns of dark things. Rachel decides to make those predictions come true so Tracy won't race the horse any more and sets fire to a haystack at their farm. Tracy runs away and finds Mrs Lydd at Gremmel's castle, who tells her Midnight is the guardian and he will try to kill her. He nearly backs her into a chasm, but her love for him breaks the curse and Mrs Lydd explains she is descended from gypsies and so knows this. Tracy decides to ride away with Midnight, they discover a dam near the village is about to burst and help open it, the gate keeper there comes to the village with them and tells everyone and they all decide Midnight is good and she can keep him.
The Return Of The Monster!
After the death of the professor Zerlina goes to seek out Frankenstein's monster and finds him, is taken against her will to dance for a travelling troupe of puppeteers, he saves her and her evil boss dies after falling to ground hanging from a net like one of his puppets.
The School Of No Escape
Dale's school teachers are all slowly replaced by strange people who ask them lots of questions and observe them constantly, led by Miss Voor the new headmistress. Dale finds a key and realises the schoolchildren who are good at things are slowly being replaced. They are being controlled with a device behind their ear. A new girl, Eva, is supposed to spy on her but helps her, and Dale discovers that Miss Voor is an alien seeking a new planet to colonise. Eva helps her send them all back to their planet and nobody at the school remembers a thing.
The Sin-Eater
Orphan Charlotte's coach is held up by highwayman and when she reveals her uncle's name everyone turns against her, as he is a sin-eater (eats food from atop dead man's coffin and takes their sins upon himself). He tries to get her to do this for hin and she runs away and is saved by highwayman who helps her and finds her a job, and when he is shot she acts as sin eater for him.
The Snow Girl
Narrated by Nicky who is a loner and confronted by a snowgirl statue asking for help. She runs away and is hit by a car and realises the girl is the same one who asked her for help a few years ago when upset about her exam results, but Nicky ignored her and she was hit by a car and died. Ends with Nicky in hospital haunted by snowgirl who comes in through window.
The Swarm (a)
Tamsin's dad comes home from his job in middle east and brings a locust as a present from his boss but it escapes and gets bigger and soon there is a swarm, they try and get to plane to spray the crops but locusts fly at the car to stop them and pursue them into a church, until it starts to rain and they scatter, Dad claims it is a miracle and they realise it is St Swithun's Day.
The Thing From The Deep
Katie is bored on holiday with her father who is a fossil expert, she finds similar tracks to his fossils but he doesn't believe her, and she doesn't realise she is being watched by a mysterious monster. She goes swimming and is saved by a Thing from the Deep monster but decides not to tell her father as he will only capture it.
The Thing In Chains
Narrator cycles to a summer fair, caught in storm on way home and hits dog, when tries to find it only hears rattling of chain and the growl of a giant ghostly bear, but the ghost of the dog reappears and fights it off. Narrator found by road in morning, convinced these were ghosts of bear baiting as street is called Bear Lane.
The Unseen
Delia and her servant Esther on a coach journey, Delia is mean to Esther and makes her investigate when the coach loses a wheel and they stop at a deserted hotel. It is haunted by old innkeeper who used to kill his guests and steal their treasures. Esther finds emerald necklace but Delia takes it and it strangles her, Esther throws it into the lake and ghost follows, Delia resolves to be nicer to her in future.
The Weird Sisters...
Historical, Edwardian. Laura's mother dies in childbirth and nurse Angela Double comes to help but at times attacks the baby (removes covers, scratches his face, poisons him) and Laura gets blame. Angela explains she has an evil sister Davina but won't reveal it, nobody believes Laura until she tells the doctor who treated Angela as a child for a belief that she had an evil twin - that the wicked side of her character had come alive. Angela is locked up but found dead with a message on the mirror from Davina.
The Wicked Gnome
Stephanie's uncle believes an evil garden gnome is stalking him, she becomes worried about him and stays over and fends off the gnome, throwing it out the window and smashing it.
The Woman And The Wolf
Ann is pregnant with her second child, when she is haunted by dreams of being chased by wild animals
Three Wishes To Spend
Kathy helps an old man and gets three wishes, accidentally uses one on coming top in all exams, but then has to use the second to make people accept this, and then realises the expectations have made her unhappy so uses final wish to return things to how they were.
Betty breaks into Miss Fiske's house to see her sculptures and when she is chased off steals some wax which she makes into a doll and stabs with pins in revenge. Miss Fiske falls ill and she can't remove the pins or get rid of the doll which just keeps getting bigger. She buries it in the graveyard and goes to see Miss Fiske who says she must stay with her creature and it grabs her.
Wendy the Witch
Comedy escapades of a young witch
When The Earth Caught Fire
Illicit King Merkillion send his niece (rightful princess) to wake a monster who will put out the increasing heat in the land. On her journey she meets Misty who gives her a star pendant which she uses to call Misty who saves them from the monster by creating crisps falling from the roof of his cave for him to eat. The princess returns home to find her uncle has died and becomes queen.
When The Rain Falls...
Marcus and Amanda are slaves sold in market and separated, one night they both escape and are confronted by lions, but hear mysterious voice that takes them to the ark as it begins to rain…
When The Sky Fell In
Zolon rules under the sea and wishes to merge his kingdom with the sky but (after a might feast) the princess will not marry his cruel son and war is waged (the Cumulunci against the depths). Princess is locked in tower for protection and visited by Misty, who has been sent by mankind who suffer in the war and agrees to help her. Misty tells Zolon she will bring the sky down for him, but does this so slowly that it inconveniences everyone and Zolon agrees to call off the attack.
Winter Jasmine
Anne and husband John caught in snow storm on moors on Christmas eve, abandon car and find some wild jasmine growing which Alison picks and then they discover a house. They are made welcome as John is a doctor and helps deliver a baby while Alison is shown to room, but sees a ghostly young girl steal her jasmine flowers from the vase. Housekeeper tells her story of her youth with her friend Alison, who has a cruel aunt and makes friends with an orphan boy, Alison gets consumption and he is forbidden from seeing her but breaks in and promises to bring her some wild jasmine but is frozen to death on the moors. Now Alison has her jasmine Anne thinks she sees them hand in hand in the snow.
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